Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tier tournament results are....

  Not me winning it, by any stretch.  Which was to be expected.  I came third in painting, which is something I suppose.  Feel better losing to a No Quarter featured artist though.  Still, it was a fun day.  pCaine, the backup list, got played 3 times vs Kraye's 1.  Was funny, really.

  First game was a loss to eButcher (Not Thrutcher).  He was fully within my grasp, just shooting him. Ten rangers, four Blazers, two shots from Kraye and one from Hunter.  I was seven boxes shy of killing him, but only two blazers hit, even with the Rangers marking him, and most of the rangers failed to break 8 for damage.  I screwed up on focus, because I gave three to the Stormclad and upkept full tilt, hoping to kill a jack or two.  He flubbed his rolls pretty badly though.  I should have kept five focus, given one to the hunter for damage boosting, and I think I'd of gotten Butcher that way.  As it was though, the game was against one of the better players in the meta, and I pretty nearly got him.  I'll take it.

  Game two was against eMorvahna, Tharn archers and the axe dudes, the Fulcrum, Gorax and two Warp wolves.  I pitted pCaine with Stormwall, ATGM, Avenger and Blazers against her and shot her to pieces over four rounds.  It was pretty brutal.  Especially since she though she could bring whole units back from the dead, not just members of a unit not completely gone, so it hurt when she tried to bring back the ravagers after I'd decimated them.

  Game three was against another excellent player, with a Convergence army led by Aurora and metric ton of angels.  Again, I dropped pCaine.  I shot the angels to pieces and two jacks and lost by scenario.  I had a chance to shoot Aurora with a sniping Stormwall, but I would have needed 10s to hit with the big guns, on three dice, and minus 3 for damage.  I should have done it, but I didn't.

  Game four was against an Absylonia Legion list with Scythean, Typhon, Carnivean and Angelius and like, four forsaken.  However, at the top of turn two, Abby was empty of fury (casting all of her upkeeps), and didn't block LOS to her very well.  Avenger KDed Typhon, and Stormwall boosted to hit twice, needing tens (Just like I would have needed with Aurora) and murdered her quite effectively.

  Overall, had a lot of fun, enjoyed all four games, and enjoyed painting pCaine, even if he didn't take the prize.  That being said, I'll probably be playing pCaine a lot more now.  I bet some Nyss or Boomies would make his day.

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