Sunday, October 20, 2013

eFeora (Menoth) vs. pCaine (Cygnar), 50pts. A Song of Fire and mainly more fire.

  The buddy I wasn't able to play at the shop met me online last night in Vassal, and we got after it.  I've been kinda wanting to try out the Silverline Stormguard before I buy both the Stormguard unit, and the unit pack for them.  On top of that, I had yet to use the Stormblade Captain's tactician for anything useful, and wanted to see how that went.  Our lists:

Stormlances (min)
Silverline Stormguard (max)
Tempest Blazers (max)

  My opponent brought:

*Reckoner (Bonded)
Holy Zealots (Max)
Daughers of the Flame
Choir (Max)
Wracks (3)

We rolled off and he got highest and took first.  Incursion was the Scenario rolled.

    Everything runs up, except the racks obviously.  Eiryss tucks into the trees, and Feora drops Escort and moves up.  Otherwise, nothing crazy.

  I do the mental math for the daughters.  I figure they're spd6 or 7, but 6 to be safe.  Between AD and my Blazer's 19'' threat range, I figure they're in.  So, Caine keeps his focus, snipes the stormwall, blurs the Blazers and Deadeyes them as well.  Then he moves up.

  The Stormwall moves up, and shoots his left Reckoner twice for nine damage altogether I think.  Rhupert toughs the silverline, they run, and the Lances and Stormblade Captain filter in behind them.

  The Blazers move up as far as they can, and proceed to hit four out of five times, but roll snakeyes for damage twice.  I still manage to kill all but one.  Gorman moves up and takes a smokebreak with Caine.  The right flag disappears.

       Hey, check it out, I forget to take a picture at this point, so bear with me.  The left Reckoner gets a focus, and the right one gets two.  The daughter runs into melee with my blazers, and the Zealots run forward and do their minifeat where I can't hurt them.  The Jacks get passage, I think.  Whatever doesn't let me shoot them.  Then with the help of the Vassal(s), they proceed to throw 6 fire templates out there,, which actually fail to kill a single silverline because they all tough like champs.  Apparently this is the one game I want them to not tough.  Figures.

  So he basically lights absolutely everything on fire, except Caine, two Blazers, and the Stormblade Captain.  Feora moves up, and of course, feats, and pulls fire off of the Stormwall and drops it on Caine.  She's now at ARM31.  Where's eStryker when I need him?  Or Eiryss for that matter.  Speaking of which, she moves in to engage the Silverline, and prevents focus allocation to my Stormwall.  

  In response, I run away.  I drop Blur and Snipe, cast Snipe on Gorman and the Blazers kill the daughter, and light cav into combat with the Zealots while two of them climb into the woods.  One Lance runs in to contest the center flag, the silver line back up, and kill Eiryss too.  I not only forgot to put templates out with the Stormwall, I forgot my pod too,  So he stepped back and Gorman moved into the woods and threw oil at the Reckoner beside Feora.  It, of course, missed, and deviated back towards me for nothing.  And that was turn.

  For his turn, the Zealots kill the two blazers in melee with them and sit on the flag.  The blazers proceed to fail CMD.  Gorman drops smoke on eFeora, and the Choir gives no shooting to the jacks again I think.  The two jacks on the right kill my Lance, the Redeemer shoots at Caine a bit, and the Red reckoner smashes Gorman.  Turn, and 3 CPs for Menoth.

  So I give it everything.  The Stormwall gets three focus.  Two of my Silverline die and the last guy's fire goes out.  Or doesn't hurt him.  I don't remember.  Rhupert toughs the Lances, and the Stormwall charges the red reckoner.  He hits him four of the five times (Needing fours) and leaves him on one box on his cortex.  With his Stormpod, he fries Gorman.
  The Last Silverline guardsman aims, and fires at the Green Reckoner and hits, dropping the 5'' AOE right there.  The lances assault the Vanquisher with Laddermore's bonus, who by now is a dismounted Dragoon due to fire.  Between her and the Silverline bonus, the ranged shots are POW16, and electro leaps are POW12.  Not bad.  All attacks hit, but one of the POW16s rolls snake eyes at like, dice -1 or 2.  I hurt the jack and took out his melee arm, but just couldn't really get farther than that.  The Stormblade Captain charges the red reckoner and finishes him, then shoots the Redeemer with the quickwork attack.  Which was fun.

  pCaine then moves into the woods, and feats.  He BARELY has the Zealots in range, and opens fire.  I need to kill enough of these guys to prevent them from scoring.

  I proceed to roll 1,1 then 1,1, and then 1,2 for my first three hits.  I need 4.  That's it.  After I used some extensive capslock on Vassal, I managed to hit the last few, then used my initials to miss one of the original three, but the second initial hits him. That takes them below half strength, and they can no longer score.  Caine teleports back behind the Tempest Blazers, who pass CMD this turn.

  I couldn't remember how far the flags are from eachother, and I was thinking 12, which is correct, but as I ended my turn, I realized I had no way to prevent Feora from dominating the Zealot's flag.

  That's indeed what happens.  She allocates focus to the Reckoner, drops firestep, and then charges her zealot, stopping at the flag.  For kicks and giggles, the Reckoner charges my Stormwall and smashes the right side, but can't quite finish him, and that's game.


1.  I actually got a lot closer to winning this than I thought possible.  That last push was largely successful, and I think I could have seriously tied up Feona if my Blazers had still been in play.  Even then, my opponent pointed out that I really didn't push.  If I had engaged with the Silverline instead of backing up, I would have accomplished the same goal I had in mind of protecting Stomwall, but would have tied up his jacks as well.  
2.  Eiryss.  Not being able to charge in sucked.  That wasn't any fun at all, but I didn't have any way to handle her.  If I'd pushed with the silverline, she'd of had to stay back.  Otherwise, I keep thinking I don' t need her.  I might...  She alone would have forced my opponent to hang back a bit more, even with ARM31, since she could easily lose that with Eiryss, and Deadeye from Caine.  I may have to start having her in specialists lists.
3.  Outside of Vassal just mainly hating my guts, I didn't push enough, and I think I earned this loss.  My opponent played a strong game, and 6 AOEs of fire makes for a mean feat turn for Scenario.  I hung back to much, too cautious.
4.  The feat of pCaine is fun, if I can actually roll a four.  I like how on tabletop, I don't boost for a 6, but in Vassal, it's probably a good idea.  Dumb.
5.  The Silverline did alright.  I think I want to try this list again, but drop Stormwall for an Avenger and Stormblades.  Deadeyed Stormblades running around behind Silverline sounds like a lot of fun.


  1. Good stuff Jedi, I actually had to vassals.

    Indeed you contested very well in the end and I totally underestimated the amount of pain those lancers can dish out; I won't forget it! We'll totally get another one in sometime soon :)

  2. I noticed that right as I was writing the end of the report, because you did two ancillary atttacks.

    The Lancers can be a solid unit. Especially with Deadeye. Laddermore making them POW16s helps a lot too.