Friday, October 4, 2013

Lieutenant Allister Caine, is it?

  So, on a quick shopping spree, I went and got pCaine, the new NQ, and the Fellowship of the Ring Deckbuilding game.  The last one was my wife's idea, and I'm beholden to her for it, because it was definitely a good idea.

  pCaine, however, seems like an equally neat idea.  As I said in my previous post, I'd never played either him or his Epic incarnation before, and I must say, I rather like him.  He hates himself some stealth, that's for sure, but otherwise, I almost like him as a support caster more than pStryker.  Deadeye alone is amazing.  Tack it to some ATGM or Blazers and we're talking.  Tack in a Squire for some focus to hand off to a jack, and a Journeyman to flesh out the upkeeps, and we're set.

  Unless we're taking his tier, where the Squire, Reinholdt, Squire, and any melee infantry can't come.  That's where we have problems.  In between painting him up (If he wins nothing but the painting competition, I'll be a happy camper), I got the chance to vassal with him at 35pts.

  The Tier really hurts.  Using only the models I have, the 35pt tier list I threw into Vassal is

Black 13th
Gun Mage Captain Adept

  The first game was up against pSkarre, Deathjack, three Scrap Thralls, Bane Lord Tartarus and 30 Banes Thralls.  With the exception of no way to help Stormwall see stuff outside of Lynch, seemed like a decent matchup for me.  The scenario was Outflank.  ATGM and the Avenger held one side of the board, everything else went after one unit of Banes and Deathjack on the other.

  I blew Caine's feat, since he couldn't see any Banes, but managed to kill Tartarus.  The Avenger and ATGM handled the two units of banes since my opponent failed to give Dark Guidance out, and therefore consistently missed my ATGM who contested the zone.

  The other side of the board fared much better.  Ryan singlehandedly drifted a magestorm into a tightly packed unit of banes and killed 6 of the 8.  Deathjack took more work, but Stormwall handled him after a turn or two, while his caster failed to really allocate enough focus for the jack to hurt the wall.

  After two or three rounds, I was dominating the zone with Stormwall in front, and pSkarre did a do or die, casting Hellfire at Caine.  Came three boxes short of winning it, but failed.

  That game was ok, was probably stacked more in my favor than anything.  I like pCaine though.  Reeeeallly wish I could bring Boomies.  He seriously needs a tarpit and some melee help, and the Tier simply says no.

  The next game was a painful one against Nemo and his TAC buddies.  Between not being able to see him, or handle ARM21 Forgeguard, I got cut to pieces slowly, but surely while Nemo inexorably advanced behind clouds.

  Overall though, I really like the caster, and look forward to getting him out of the Tier tournament and seeing what he can do.

  On the painting side of things though, I wasn't kidding about hopefully winning the Painting side of the tournament.  I wasn't too sold on pCaine's dual wielding point-to-the-front pose, and was really hoping that wasn't what I ended up with.  I wasn't terribly excited about his other sculpt either.

  Until I pulled that detailed beautiful little pewter model out.  pCaine, at the moment, is my favorite sculpt that I own.

  Most of my current bases are bark, painted tan and drybrushed.  Lately, I've been skipping even that route and going into just sand and rocks on the base.  Even more recent, I decided to branch out, looking for better basing material for my Circle.  My wife started saving tea and coffee grounds from our frequent caffeine incursions and now I've got a pretty solid supply in my work room.  Couple that with some popsicle sticks I picked up for my trench terrain (Coming soon, to a blog near you), and we might have a winner.

  Keeping with my Desert Cygnar theme, I've got him stepping off of wooden dock sort of platform with dirt under it, onto sandstone.  The rest of him is a bit more traditional than my normal Cygnar, simply because Caine's normally got a tan jacket.  It fit quite well.  Overall, I'm really happy with how this one turned out and hope to see it do well tomorrow.  

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