Friday, September 2, 2016

Guildball at a Glance: A Statistical Analysis of the Guilds of the Game

  Everything in this article is for a wifi connection, heads up.

  This is technically part III of getting into the game but it became a lot more than that.  Everything it pretty well explained in the images themselves, so I won't go into great detail.  If you're getting into the game, start with the first image, the largest, the Guilds at a Glance where every Guild's basic stats are compared across the board with the game average tossed in.  

  Beyond that is an infographic for every Guild.  If you're looking at getting into the game and trying to figure out what playstyle interests you, hopefully some of this stuff can be a decent glimpse for you into the kind of game you want to play.  I'd love to put all the images up here but Blogspot's format is not happy with the size of the graphics, so I'm linking you straight to Imgur.

And then the specific Guilds.

  The full Imgur album is Here

  If you'd just like to download the full album, it's Here

  Hopefully this was worth the wait.  I hope you guys enjoy the information here.  Feel free to leave comments, critiques and corrections or email them to me directly, or catch me on twitter, @diceotfirstdegree.  

  Enjoy your Labor day weekend and I'll see you guys around!

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