Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Building the Lance bases

  So the milliput dried while I was at work, and inbetween pieces of pizza, I think I've got them finished.   I started with a dark brown blend of Vallejo, and painted the milliput with a little bit of brushing on the stakes, trying to get that saturated mud feel for the setting.  Then I painted what amounts to GW's "Tallarn Flesh" on the bark.  In retrospect, I should have done that first, because I had to go back over the mud.  Then I spread on some elmers glue and rubbed the bases in dried coffeegrounds my wife's been saving up for my nonsense like this.


  The sticks are from the front yard.  Clever, right?  I mixed up some lighter tan and drybrushed the rocks, added some brown flock to the mud to break it up a little, and then when that wasn't enough, sprinkled in some dried tea as well.  I like the tea a lot.  Whereas coffees just a uniform dirt, which is great, the tea adds in that nature looks of random woodchips and bits that you'd find on the ground in a forest.  

  I then sealed the whole mess in some Krylon matte spray, and then watched Bolt with my wife.  Such a great movie.


  It got dark by this point, so the lighting is horrible, but I hope it gets the point there.  I think they're coming along ok.  Not quite as awe inspiring as I had hoped, but not bad.


  Kinda give you an idea what I'm trying for here.  I may angle the lances down so it looks like they've kind of reached the summit and are aiming at the troops nearby.  Would be a bit more dynamic, less static, I think.  Anyways.  Progress for the day.  I'll probably set the lances up for painting tonight, and work on a base for my Wife's journeyman.


  1. Coming along nicely there, Jedi, looking forward to seeing the finished models

  2. Thanks. I modeled a flag for the Lieutenant and getting that affixed and painting should begin shortly.