Thursday, October 3, 2013

How not to try out a new caster

  I'm branching out.  I've got Kraye, pStryker and eStryker that I play somewhat regularly, with pSturgis thrown in the mix.  I'm pretty happy with those guys, especially now that I've got a couple of solid units from the Merc side of the house to beef up the lines with.

  So there's this tournament Saturday I had no plans to attend.  Zero.  Not that I didn't want to, but because I was required to be elsewhere for the weekend.  That fell through, so I guess I'm going.  The problems is that.... it's tiers.  And I play Cygnar...

  As much as I like Cygnar and enjoy them as my primary faction, I have failed to accumulate some of the units known to them, like Sword Knights, Precursors, Longgunners, Stormguard, and Trenchers.  This really hurts my ability to make any kind of a tier.  I only have one unit of Stormblades, and one unit of ATGM.  I won't be buying more either, because I see no point in buying multiples of a unit I can only use in one kind of list with one caster.  The exception is my dual units of Rangers, for Kraye, for exactly that purpose, Kraye's tier.

  I actually fleshed out Kraye's tier, bought a second hunter and ranger unit.  They never ever get used except in Kraye's tier, which rarely gets used.  Which is why I'm loathe to buy multiples of units.  Instead, I have Nyss and Boomies to fill in the holes (Even better than some of the Cygnar units, mind you), but that leaves me at an impasse when it comes to Tier tournaments.

  This brings me to a new caster for me.  The options I had were eHaley, or either of the Caines.  I couldn't find eHaley at the LGS, or the eCaine, (which is fine, since Stormwall is mainly what's going to make up my second list simply because I don't have the points to do anything else).  This leaves me with pCaine.

  Eleven something dollars later, I've got a new caster.  I've never played this guy, so I'm going to break him in at the tournament.  Brilliant right?  I've played against him a few times, and actually have a pretty decent record against him.  But I have yet to use him, and only a few days between now and Saturday to get in games.  I'll probably spend Friday on vassal.

  That being said, my pCaine list at the moment looks like this:

Tempest Blazers
Gun Mage Adept

  It looks like a Sturgis list, really.  But it's all I've got that will go into tier.  I could drop the Cyclone and slip in the Stormclad with some adjusting, but pCaine doesn't seem to care too much for beatsticks.  Especially since I already have the Stormwall.  I don't know how well this list will do, and quite frankly, don't expect much from it.  For all of my Vassal success, the tournament scene for me is pretty bleak.  I play in a fantastically skilled meta, with three or four of the guys featured in No Quarter tournament lists as winners or second, third place.

  On the plus side, it does strike me as the preferred list in a few situations.  I know for a fact that a eKreoss tier list will make an appearance, with the annoying ability to KD units that kill models under the influence of Sacrosanct.  Happily, a sniping Stormwall doesn't care about that, so that's nice.  I should be able to shoot about anything off the board.  That's about it though.  So we'll see.  When I come back with a 0-4 record, we'll definitely chalk this up to either "Jedianakinsolo sucks at Warmachine" or "Don't learn new casters at tournaments."

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