Monday, October 7, 2013

It called a 'Launce' - Wat, Squire of Sir William Thatcher

  I'm a little excited.  One of the side deals to the Tournament Saturday was the chance to pick up more Cygnar from my used Cygnar dealer.  It's like crack, but it's cheaper.


  A good chunk of my force is used Cygnar models from the same guy, and those came painted, and that was a pain.  Happily though, these guys were not painted, so I have an essentially new min Stormlance unit for 30$, already glued together.  They do, however, need greenstuffed badly, and based.  The basing probably won't be quite as adventurous as pCaine's base, but I don't want to do just straight sand either.  So I've got to think about it.  

  Anyways, that's pretty cool.  I'm debating if they're better than a max unit of Tempest blazers.  They're a point more, but can possibly kill a third more than the Blazers can.  Let's build a few scenarios.  

  Lot's of infantry.  Assuming the Blazers hit their targets with electro leap, we're doing 10 POW10s to the opposing force.  That's neat.  The Stormlances, however, get 5 attacks each on the Assault.  1) The impact.  2)  The assault shot.  3)  The assault shot's eleap.  4)  The actual melee attack and 5) the melee attack's eleap.  With the min unit, that's 15 attacks.  The downside is that they're committed to the fight at that point, and the Blazers would simply run away with the extra 5''.

  Hi arm.  The Blazers have a chance to hurt a guy with Brutal, but the Lances are pretty nearly going to kill him.  POW14 blast?  MAT9 attack with another High POW boosted Damage roll?  And eleaps to boot?  Not only this going to murder a beast/jack, it's going to fry it's support.  In Warmachine, this is nice, but not a huge deal unless the Jack is tagging with the infantry.  Against Legion or Skorne though, where the little support solos are all over the place, reaving fury, arcing spells and whatever else, this is huge.  

  I think the Lances might actually win this one.  On paper.  Whether or not it sticks is an entirely different deal, so I'll refrain from buying 2 more until I'm sold on the first three.  That's also why I haven't bought Laddermore yet.  I think altogether, it's an 18pt unit with Laddermore and the max lances.  At that point, you're building an all cav army, pretty nearly, and betting an awful lot that those six models will do their job.  They'll probably be in my eStryker list, more than anything.  Kraye can't really help them too much at 35pts, except to give them pathfinder, and that's expensive.  Especially when Runewood can do it instead.

  So they'll probably be with eStryker or pCaine.  

  Changing subjects, we're looking at an online tournament.  Marx on the PrivateerPressForums has pretty much singlehandedly revamped the batrep forums.  Before, every once in awhile, someone would be like "I killed pStryker with my pKreoss battlebox.  Here's how." and then not post any pictures, and the forum just kinda hung loose.  Then Marx shows up, brings pictures, witty writing, and now everyone's posting batreps (Myself included), and there's a solid international community in there.

  Naturally, we want to symbolically kill eachother, so there's a tournament in the works and I think I'm accidentally in charge of it.  So heads up.  We'll probably see a lot more Vassal batreps coming, some rankings, and maybe even a first place prize.  

  I also have no idea what I'm doing, so there is that.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to having my back-side handed to me by the international bat-repping community.