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Double Batreps, Legion vs. Cygnar

  I've got a lot that's happened warmachine wise in the last two days.  We'll start off with the batreps, because getting pictures together of the other stuff will take a bit longer.  First off, I built a dining room table.

  We then armed it with chairs, our stoneware and fake flowers.  We're pretty happy with it.  It also gives me a place to play Warmachine.  However, if I damage the table, my wife probably won't be happy.  On top of that, a 4x4 table was a bit crazy for an apartment our size, we thought, so it's only 3.5x3.5.  I need a bigger area than that.  So yesterday was spent applying all of the stuff I've seen Poppabear on the forums and Ray Burns doing on his blog (, great place), and built myself a folding table.

  That's another blog post.  Probably the next one.  It's nothing crazy right now, but I have more plans for it.  However, the important stuff is that it folds in half, has felt glued to the bottom so it doesn't scratch my table, and successfully fielded four armies over the course of two games last night, on top of supper for three people, God bless my wife.

  I also got to use all the terrain I made months ago.  Finally got it spraypainted and some stuff glued down. I think some drybrushing and touchups and we'll be good to go.  Anyways, on to the report.  All this to say is that last night, I got to play Warmachine on a full-size table with all the terrain I could need, in my home.  

  It was awesome.

  So, Scott shows up, my wife cooks inchiladas, they were delicious.  We eat real quick (she was pretty aghast when I told her that we probably wouldn't be setting up the table to eat on first, we'd just jump right into the game), and we throw down our lists.  My lances were painted to a stage that they were playable (haha) and so pCaine it was for me.  That and I've only played pCaine against Legion one other time, and it wasn't Scott.  If my Cygnar list can beat Scott's legion lists, I usually feel pretty decent about them.

  On Scott's part, he dropped pLylyth because he's really been wanting to try out dual raptor units.  And he has this 134$ Archangel model he hasn't found a list for.  So we both had colossals and lots of cav.  Very fun game.

Journeyman Warcaster (The red model on my side of the table.  My wife painted it beautifully the other day)
Full Tempest Blazers
Min Stormlances
Full Boomhowlers
*Jonas Murdoch
Black 13th

I got to go up against:

Min Raptors
Min Raptors
Raptor Solo gal.  Whatever her name be.

  We rolled off, I won and chose to go first.  We deployed to either side, and opened the ball.

  The only major downside to playing at home is the lighting is not that great in the dining room at night.  Just saying.  I may try to alleviate that in future games, but for now, between the yellow light and yellow wood, there's not much help for it.  Speaking of yellow wood, look at that table.  Haha.  Wait'll it has modular terrain built in.  Speaking of terrain, are those trenches you ask?  Why yes, yes they are.  I figured I'd be the only guy to ever own terrain with trenches that aren't just templates.  They don't count for elevation, though I think next time they will, but the trench itself is +4 cover.

  Anyways.  I divided up my cav, dropping the Lances behind the Boomhowers and we were off.  Black 13th got into the woods, the Boomhowlers ran and Jonas gave them go-to-ground.  pCaine tucked into the trench and got Blur on the Blazers and Snipe on the Stormwall.  Journeywoman dropped Arcane Shield on the Lances and got into the trench next to Caine.  Blazers got into the woods, and Stormwall moved up and threw templates out.

  All the Cav!

  Scott moves everything up as well, slipstreaming a few things with the Seraph for the extra 2+ movement.  Lylyth puts Spiny Growth on... the Archangel, who returned the faor, I think, and then moves b2b with him, and the Raptors all run up.  If you haven't seen Raptors yet, they're poorly named reindeer that basically Tempest Blazers with poison and weapon master.  They're not quite the toolbox the Blazers are, but given the circumstances, they can be better.  They worry me, to say the least.  Especially on pLylyth's feat where everything gets boosted attacks.  


    So, pLylyth base to base with a DEF13 model means one thing.  Electro leaps!  But it's kinda chancy at dice minus 4.  I'm not sure if I can get the hit with the RNG8 Lances, especially since they have to go through the forest.  So Stormwall moves up, shoots at the Archangel for little to no damage.  pCaine upkeeps Blur and drops Snipe, and Deadeyes both the Lances and the Blazers, and puts Snipe to them, thanks to the focus from the Squire.  The Blazers move up, and four of them hit the Archangel, and lylyth takes all of the electro leaps.  I only manage to do six or seven damage though.  I don't think the Lances can all get hits, and she's got a transfer still.  So I abandon that idea and light cav onto the hill.

  The Lances move up further, and the Boomhowlers shuffle up.  A few takes shots at the Carnivean but even though one hits, it doesn't do much.  The B13, however, do much better.  Scott got to learn to respect them this game.  Lynch aims, damages one decently with his shot, Watts shoots and hits with one, does damage to another Raptor.  Ryan, the money maker here, shoots, and misses.  He deviates 1'' to catch the two damaged raptors and kills them both.  Haha.

  They proceed to fail their CMD too.  

  Journeywoman upkept Arcane Shield, incidentally, and that's pretty much that.  So... I think I could have done better this turn?  Maybe been able to shoot the Raptors with the Blazers, but the woods may have stopped me there.  Who knows.  

    So, yeah.  the Feat.  pLylyth hanging out behind the wall moves up, and shoots a Boomhowler.  Hits, kills, doesn't tough. She does it again, and misses I think, but the next shot hits and kills him. And he doesn't tough.  She feats and gets back behind the wall.

  Seraph rolls strafe and gets... 3 shots?  Shoots and hits two or three Boomhowlers, and they all fail their tough.  This isn't cool.  50% chance of tough, guys.

  The Raptor Solo gets another one.  The Archangel rolls three shots and shoots one at the Blazers for kicks and giggles even though they're DEF20 right now (I love Blur)  It deviates and hits a Lance, but at ARM20, does nothing.  The next deviation kills a Blazer, and the last one gets spent on Boomie himself, and kills him.  That sucks.  There's six left, and the Carnivean moves up and sprays two or three and I think they might tough.  It's rolls were pretty bad there.  But it's in my way now.

  The Raptors on the left though, they do much better.  They walk up and start swinging on my blazers, leaving me with one, who passes CMD.  His Raptors on the right fail theirs again, so that's something I suppose.

  He should have pretty nearly annihilated the Boomhowlers, so I'm glad they're still kicking.  The Blazers are hurt, but the Lances are in a good spot to do some serious damage.  However, the Archangel is in prime charge range of the Stormwall.  I can charge him this turn, tie him up, let the Journeyman drop Arcane shield on him and let him tank.  The Lances will either finish the Raptors or get in to help Stormwall, but I'm thinking Lances.  pCaine can move up and feat before that too, then teleport back.  The Boomhowlers still have Jonas, so they'll assault the Seraph and Carnivean.  I'm hoping to really cripple Scott's list this turn.  

  So we start with the Stormwall.  He gets three focus, and Caine pulls another off the squire.  I open the ball with Stormwall, and he charges the Archangel.  He hits four of the five times I swing at him, and takes the Beast down to about half.  And then the electro leaps go into... pLylyth.

  She takes two of them, but has to transfer the third, and the fourth kills her.  Game.  At that point, with four more electro leaping shots from the Lances and Blazer, she would have died, it just didn't dawn on me until after Stormwall tangled with the dragon.

I forgot the picture too, but the only difference is the Stormwall is b2b with the Archangel.

Thoughts.  Scott asked me what I thought of the list.  If it was bad dice or not well played.
1.  Archangel is the best screen Lylyth has in this list, but anytime a Hordes caster goes base-to-base with a beast and I have five to twelve electro leaps, it's going to hurt.  If he'd get past putting her base to base and give it just a quarter inch, it would have gone to the Seraph instead.
2.  Archangel ties up too many points.  Dual Ravagores would have murdered my Boomies or Blazers.  Even a Scythean would have worried me with the ability to ignore tough (not that it mattered this game...)  But Archangel is 20 pts and he shot... seven times in the whole game. He killed a Blazer, and a few boomhowlers.  That's definitely not his points back.
3.  Raptors are terrifying, especially with all boosted rolls.  That's pretty serious, and has the potential to annihilate any kind of screen that I have, except in maybe a Kraye list or something.  They essentially get brutal shots for living models.  That's horrifying against Cygnar.  I think the list can work, but not when 20pts are tied up in the Archangel.  
4.  I didn't get to use my lances :(

  So the next game, Scott wants to redeem is Rhyas list that I smashed with a turn 2 Kraye assassination a few weeks ago.  I considered switching to my eStryker list since I have a full Nyss unit now, but meh, I like pCaine.  So I keep him.

Journeyman Warcaster
Full Tempest Blazers
Min Stormlances
Full Boomhowlers
*Jonas Murdoch
Black 13th

  Scott brought:

Swordsmen w/UA
Swordsmen w/UA
Warspears w/UA
Warmongers Solo

I think I'm messing this list up.  He had a Ravagore in there last time, and I don't see it here.  So we roll off, and I win, but decide to go second, hoping to get some shooting off even though the tier bonuses that Rhyas has gives Stealth for everyone first turn.

  We also keep incursion.  We thought about changing it up, but wanted to get into the next game, so we just ran with it.  I almost cut templates for outflank, but meh.


  Lots of 8 wound AD infantry.  Not any fun.  Also, look at the cool terrain?  It's neat, but models don't stand on it very well at all.  

  Everything runs.  The Warnouns push as far up as they can.  Rhyas gets to the wall, casts Dash so everyone gets another 1SPD, and puts Rapport on the Typhon so that he gets her MAT/RAT stats and can be transferred to once for free.  Seraph slipstreams some stuff because apparently Legion beasts aren't fast enough already, and yeah.

  Oh, and the Warspears pick Stormwall as the prey.  Which I'm ok with.  I have a Journeyman for that, and I'd rather the Stormwall tank the prey attacks rather than the Blazers which can't tank anything.

 The Boomhowlers are stacked in the back in the picture above because they didn't sit on the terrain at all.  It was horrible, so we drew the front line with empty bases and worked with it.  Caine keeps his focus, hops into the ditch, puts snipe on the Stormwall, Blur on the Blazers and I think Deadeyes the Boomhowlers...

  The Black 13th moves up, because they can, and Lynch opens fire with a flare.  He shoots at one of the warmongers on the right, misses, and it deviates to hit two of them anyways.  Ryan hits them with a magestorm and hurts them both, and Watts doesn't have range. Or misses.  Or doesn't kill them.  I don't remember.  At this point, I was just glad that I was remembering she has 2 shots.

  Stormwall moves up and shoots one dead, and throws templates in front of the warspears hoping to slow them down some.  He puts a pod out as well.  The other big gun misses.

  The blazers are all out of range, so they hang out in the woods.  The Boomhowlers, with Jonas, assault, and get as far as the barricade.  They're able to finish off the two in the flare template, but are outside of 5'' for everyone else, barely.  So they hang out with Fell Call (50% chance of tough).  Lances get behind the trench, Journeyman gives the Boomhowlers Arcane Shield and that's turn.

  Scott sees a shot as assassination and starts moving for it.  Rhyas reaves in her fury, charges out and hits the closest Boomhowler.  She hits him easily, and he toughs, so she feats, which allows her to go anywhere base to base with him, and swing at something again.  So she does, moves to the next guy, hits him.  He toughs.  So she buys, hits him again.  He toughs.  She buys one more, and he toughs.

  Haha.  Making up for sucking at tough rolls last game.  She has Sprint, so she runs away and that's it for her.  The Warmonger solo charges in, and he kills the first one, who finally fails his tough. but the second one toughs again against the feat attack.  

  At this point, he debates long and hard about the assassination.  He needs 11.5'' to get to Stormwall, hit, flip around with the feat to the back of the base and go after Caine.  He debates, and debates, and finally decides against it.  It was a good call.  We measured after the round and he'd of been a quarter inch out of melee range.  So Typhon sprays some stuff, including the Boomhowlers, which tough a bunch of times.  Seraph rolls and gets 3 strafe shots, kills a boomie but nothing else.

  The other Warmongers charge in and they hit, beserk, and get the feat attack.  Between me toughing every other one, (The first two guys toughed seven times between the two of them), he takes them down to half, but they pass CMD easily.  One Warmonger hits the Black 13th, and kills two of them, leaving just Ryan, who passes CMD as well.

  Warspears move up, realize they need 13s to hit Blazers at this point, so they chuck everything at Stormwall, who takes some decent damage.  Maybe two fifths of his boxes.  Swordsmen all run up and get in the way and that's turn.


  I step up to the ball.  Caine keeps his focus, pulls one from the squire, and upkeeps Blur, but not snipe.  Ryan kills the swordsman she's engaged with.  Caine then moves up out of the trench, casts Deadeye on the Blazers, and the Lances, and keeps the last two.  Then he feats, needing sixes for pretty much everything.  He does decent, killing several swordsmen, putting boxes out on the Warmongers, but while the to-hit rolls were decent, the damage rolls weren't as good and I don't thin things out as much as I want to, even though he gets a shot at pretty nearly everything.  It's not bad though, and I actually get to use his feat, which is the second time that's happened.  He teleports back behind Stormwall and that's it for him.

  Blazers move up, kill the Warspear UA which eliminates Prey, and kill another Warspear, but can't do much else even with Brutal.  Stormwall shoots Typhon twice, puts templates out, and forgets to do the Stormpod, which was stupid.

  Lances assault.  No... nope they didn't.  They should have, because they would have nearly killed what Typhon had left, or seriously hurt him, but no, they didn't.  They do ridebys, all three hit, but don't manage to do more than a few boxes.  They get back behind the trench when they're done.  Journeyman gives Stormwall Arcane Shield, shoots at a swordsman and misses, and that's it.  I managed to clear out a ton of infantry though, so we'll see if it's enough.

  Rhyas pulls in her fury.  The Swordsmen charge in, one runs to Watts but gets no attacks because of the run.  The others get into the Boomhowlers, and one kills Boomie who fails his tough, and the others don't do much better.  Two more make the run to engage the lances.  The Warspears assault the Blazers and Stormwall, and...

  Oooh, I just figured out another spot I screwed up.  Moving on.

  The spears don't hardly do anything, and neither do the melee attacks.  Without prey and against ARM22, they're pretty hopeless at  -9 on the dice.  The Warmongers keep working on Boomies, who I'm almost out of.  Typhon pushes in, takes POW12, and sprays Stormwall three times, and hits Caine with one of them.  The other two miss against DEF17, which is really good, because the last one that hit left Caine with 2 boxes.

  Stormwall, however, doesn't take any damage from the sprays either.  The Seraph shoots down a Lance, sits on the flag (The left one went away turns ago) and a Shredder runs and takes the other.

  At this point, I'm about to lose, and I'm realizing where I seriously messed up.  In my last turn, instead of running the DEF15 in melee, DEF18 against shooting, blazers back into the woods, I should have engaged the Warspears.  And an assault with the Lances would have been good too.  Now, they're in my face, and I can't do anything about it.  I can shoot Warspears all day long, maybe kill a few, and Typhon will definitely die against PS20 fists, but unless I can contest both flags, he'll take another 2 points on my turn, and be at four, and simply have to end his turn to win with 6.  So I do the important stuff,  Stormwall gets three focus.  Watts makes a run for it to contest the flag, takes a free strike and dies.  Caine tries to shoot some stuff, and gets a Warmonger.  He puts Deadeye on the Lances, the Blazers... and I think that's it at the moment.  

  The Blazers shuffle around because he managed to engage my Lances with the Nyss Swordsmen in the last turn, so I have to handle them.  So two move back and shoot electro leaps at my immune Lances, needing sevens on three dice to hit.  

  One misses..  The other hits and kills a Nyss, but the other misses...  The other three has Blazers kill a Warspear, but don't manage to kill another.  So the Lances assault run.  One goes after the Seraph and takes it to half health by himself, contesting that flag, and the other one tries to run and get within 4'' of the Shredder.  He dies to a freestrike, and that's game, since I can't contest the other flag, and Rhyas only has to dominate it, which she does easily.

  That other flag is waaaaay off to the top (It was our right).  Pictures don't quite get it.


  1.  Scott played this one pretty well, and the Rhyas list did what it was supposed to. That being said, I botched it.  I should have moved the Blazers into combat on the feat turn, and the Lances should have assaulted.  That would have easily contested the one flag, leaving me a bit more time to get to the other one, and on top of that, kept Stormwall free for another round to push forward.  I botched that one pretty badly, again, by not pushing forward.  I'm too used to trying to keep Blazers alive that I don't even think about it.
 2..  Otherwise, everything in my list except me did fantastic.  Boomhowlers are MVPs, making Scott kill them about twice to three times as many as they needed to be killed.  It was awesome.
 3.  I love my table, and the terrain was fun.  I'm pretty excited about all this stuff. 
 4.  I've never fielded an Journeyman except with eStryker, and an ARM22 Stormwall or ARM20 Lance is stuff that stays alive.  I'm having a much better success rate with AS on units with boxes than I am units without them.  ARM18 Stormblades have yet to impress me.  ARM19 Boomhowlers do a bit better, but ARM20 lances or ARM22 Stormwall makes people cry.

  Speaking of the table, I'll be posting later this afternoon with:

 1.  The table and kinda how it got built, plus dirty pics of the Garage from whence it came.  
 2.  Completed Stormlances.  You saw them get played.  I've got the finished product with better pictures.
 3.  Completed Journeywoman.  That red girl running around putting Arcane Shield on stuff.  My wife painted her, one of the reasons I included her in my list that night because A)  I think she did a great job and B) My wife was with us most of the night watching and I wanted her to see her model played.
 4.  Completed Nyss.  This surprised me.  I was in the middle of a Vassal game with Sevensins when my wife suddenly got into a craft-making kinda mood, and simply sat down and started glueing together Nyss.  That's a surefire way to get out of the crafty mood, if you ask me.  The only thing worse than glueing Nyss would be the new Convergence Angels I think.  She tanked through it though, and we decided to paint them.  A 10 man unit gets painted Waaaaaay faster between two people, and they turned out pretty slick. Anways, they'll be here later today.

  In other news, I played my first Trollblood game yesterday.  Sevensins, who will not be allowed to pick out maps ever again, rolled with one that's basically funnels everyone into the same 12'' in the middle that's 80% rough terrain.  And then we brought Trolls and Pygs to fight on it.  Brilliant.  Anyways, I played eDoomshaper vs. Lord Carver, bringing Mulg, a Mauler, max Fennblades and a Chronicler against a Road Hog, War Hog, the shooting pygs and Sevensins's favorite solution to everything, Slaughterhousers.

  Those things are a pain, and everything moved at half speed for like, eight turns.  But between Vengeance Fennblades, a goading Mulg with Wild Aggression and a refuging Mauler, I managed to clean out all of his infantry, and his.. War Hog, whichever doesn't have the gun.  He killed my Mauler with Carver after it finished his Hog and engaged him, but wasn't able to kill Mulg with three slaughterhousers, so he trampled in, killed one with the trample and goaded into Lord Carver.  Four fury later with one to spare, he simultaneously killed the remaining Hog heavy warbeast and Carver himself.

  I think in the near future, I'll be selling my circle.  I'm not terribly clicking with them, and I simply can't get interested enough in them to paint more than the constructs.  The Trolls have always been far more aesthetically pleasing to me and I love the fluff with them.  I think I'll be getting into them before the end of the year or slightly after that, but without buying the battlebox.  Probably start with an Axer and an impaler, Mulg, a magnetized Dire-troll kit, eMadrak, eDoomshaper, Borka, Fennblades and or Kriel Warriors, and then Janissa and a Chronicler.  Which is quite the list, but we'll work up to it.  I want to top off my Stormlances at some point too, and maybe get the Silver Line Stormguard, but who knows.  I have Boomhowlers too, so they'll help with the infantry side of things on the Trolls until I get into them all the way.

  Anyways, that's all I've got, thanks for reading!  Cya later today!

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