Monday, October 21, 2013

Realizing my wife may become a better painter than I am.

  Yesterday's batrep at the FLGS was without pCaine for the simple reason that my Lances were on the painting table.  Since eKrueger was who I ended up fighting, that probably worked out in my favor.  Still, I want to get them done, and the bases are already there, it's just the models left.  I think basepainting is the hardest part.  That's when nothing is shaded, there's not even a wash, it's just getting the base coat down.  It's probably the easiest part of the whole process, physically, but it's so boring.  Nothing looks all that great at first, and especially on a model as decent sized as the Lances, with all the detail, that first coat of tan on three models takes forever.

  I've been needing a Journeyman for awhile now, and have been proxying pStryker for far too long.  I finally grabbed the female model and told my wife that if she wanted to, she could paint that one.  She painted Megalith with me while I painted a Woldwarden awhile back, and it turned out quite well, and she doesn't talk about being artistically challenged anymore either.  She asked if she had to stay within my paintscheme, and I told her it was up to her.  She dug through my paints and decided the Journeywoman was going to be rolling with Khador equipment today.

  Not bad, at all.  I'm very pleased with my wife's 2nd attempt at painting.  He primary hobby right now is jewelry, and the piece that our journeywoman is standing on is a pendant thing that she didn't like the color of, so I built a green-stuff pillar under it, and based colored it orange.  She ran tan across the whole thing, added in silver to the jewelry piece and picked out a couple of points with red.  She then basecoated the model itself in I think four different colors.  Everything turn out pretty well, and I'm especially proud of the cloak.  It doesn't go with my Cygnar scheme at all, but I'm pretty ok with that.  The model's a fantastic model with solid rules, and it's probably going to end up in my lists a lot more simply because she painted it.

  Mine's turning ok too.  I think.  I'm still running a kind of Ft. Falk color scheme, though I had yet to use any of the brown.  The Lances have a lot of different parts to them though, and I finally threw some in.
   There's some rough edges in there, but a lot of that will go away with the highlights.  Right now, I'm pretty excited with how they're turning out.  I worried a lot about what to paint the horses, but then realized that they aren't blazers and you really can't see but a tiny bit of the horse.  So they're all three Mustangs.  The third one isn't pictured.  He's kind of different, and I want to see how he turns out before he gets posted.  Hoping to have a completed status on these guys here soon.

  I managed to drybrush my Boomies while these guys were drying before the wash.  I need to highlight them yet and seal them and get the tartan lines painted and they'll be done.  Idk what I'll do after that.  Stormblades could use finishing, ATGM could use finishing...  There's a lot to do.  Finally getting back into a painting rythm though, so that's nice.  I think Jonas Murdoch will be my wife's next paintjob.  We'll see.  But overall, pretty productive painting last night.


  1. All looking pretty good. Your wife is clearly going to be a fantastic painter. She's already showing signs of developing her own distinct style, which is something I don't normally see in my "students" until at least he fourth or fifth lesson. Keep encouraging her to paint. In fact, show her his comment and tell her a professional commission painter (it's my full time job) knows she's got talent.

    -Lead Legion on his non-work google account.

    1. Ha, will do, thanks. When we got married, she talked about how she has no artistic talent whatsoever, and between this and Megalith, she's managed to prove herself wrong.

  2. You really don't need talent to learn to paint miniatures well. Skill and practice can make up for a lack of talent. However, when you clearly have quite a bit of talent (like your wife) it's a big leg up :D