Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jonas is a Trencher and my wife is a traitor.

  While we loyal Cygnarians admit that trenchers exist, we won't really play them unless Alexia has re-animated them first.  Kinda sad?  We'd rather them die first before we're willing to play them.

  Not so with Jonas.  He's better off alive.  Giving Assault to units that probably shouldn't have it like the Nyss?  Weapon Masters with a POW10 to fire off with before hand?  My favorite is the Boomhowlers with pCaine.  POW12s and then PS13 to actually get in there with?  Absolutely.

  All that being said, he's a cool model to have, and an excellent ruleset to go with it.  Got him painted yesterday.

  The base is little squares of foamcore damaged and messed up (There's even runes painted on) to look kinda like some of the ruined temple bases.  I'm not sure what I think about it.  Jonas turned out fairly decent, and the level of detail is excellent in this model.  Had a lot of fun painting him.

  The second part of this is that my non-wargaming wife who had 0 interest in Warmachine when we got married discovered my basepainted Khador and decided to adopt them as her own (With a little encouragement).  She hated the tan/red scheme I was running (I like desert paintjobs.  Idk why), and decided they were all wintery soldiers, needing to be light blue and white.  I never play them, so I'm not concerned, so have at it.  We even played a game first to see if she liked them.  It was brutal.  I understand that Man-O-War shocktroopers are not considered competitive, but at ARM21, my pCaine list struggled to handle them as they moved inexorably up the board.  The only thing I was able to clear out was her Nyss (Except 2), and I lost all my Lances and most of my Boomholwers to do it.  The only reason I won was because Caine thunderstruck her Juggernaut back, giving me another turn with my Avenger alive.  She also left pSorscha too close to her Destroyer, so I KDed them both, and what was left of my Blazers shot her to pieces.

  All that being said, she did very well, and I expect to be helping paint a box of Winterguard and Kovnik Joe here shortly.  The Traitor aspect comes from my wife picking my faction's mortal enemy.  I don't know what faction wouldn't have been an enemy, but nonetheless.  I'm ok with it though,  Could have been Menoth.  My wife has a heart though.

  Her test paintjob was one of the Shocktroopers.  The white inside the barrel is nothing I was a part of, just so you guys know.  It tied together pretty well, and we sprinkled some ballast out onto the base, hit it again with a watery-glue spray and dumped baking soda on it, which turned out fantastic.

    They turned out pretty decent, this being our first experience with white.  White sucks.  We're off to the store now to grab some Vallejo white because the reaper white we used is paint I've had for... three?  Three years.  Otherwise, I think it turned out pretty well.  I'm not sure it got quite the quality of the Nyss, but we're also dealing with more layers of paint here, and I think that's taking a toll on the final texture.  Overall though, we're pretty pleased with it.  We'll have the rest of the Shocktroopers done before too long and the Jacks won't take long either.

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