Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Running a Tournament. BRCT League, anyone?

  I always feel like there's super-secret Press Ganger meetings in their super-secret forum on PrivateerPress.  Invaluable information on how to manage a crowd of cutthroat people trying to kill the other guy by violent means, albeit in tabletop wargaming.  I mean, seriously, you're inviting a bunch of Braveheart quoting nerds together in one area and releasing them at one another in the most organized manner possible.

  I haven't been privvy to any of those meetings, but if you saw my last post, I accidentally became in charge of a tournament.  I haven't decided yet if this is good or bad.  I think it's a pretty unique tournament as well, because it's going to be 95% online through Vassal.

  If you're familiar with the PrivateerPressForums (PPF, for sake of avoiding carpal-tunnel), you may know that they have a battle report forum.  In the last three or four months, it's really become a thriving community.  About two months ago, four of us from Canada, US, Norway and Germany decided to have a 25pt Round Robin tournament online for kicks and giggles and it went fairly well.

  I'm trying to expand it into an organized event.  I opened the thread on it yesterday, and we have 11 people playing so far, and the "registration" deadline is Saturday.  The tournament is also unique in that it will not be an all day kind of thing, but rather, each round has two weeks.  For those of us with cramped schedules, lives, obligations, spouses, all of the above, this is great.

  It also means it's going to be two months, at least, before we have a winner, but that's fine.  I'm rather excited about this.  We have a good community there, with a lot of friendly advice, banter, so on, so forth, and this is an excellent opportunity to foster that a bit and have a good time.

  I'm also trying to get prize support.  Obviously not from a store or anything, but some fairly easy stuff to pick up.  I started with an email to Privateer Press asking if it was possible for a non-PG to order the SR2013 Coin kit for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (And maybe a few patches because they're cool), but I was informed that only shop representatives can buy that kind of stuff.  Not even PGs.

  The next idea is just to build plaques at home and woodburn in some of the more popular Warmachine images we all know and love.  This might actually happen.  It'd be easy, people would like them, it'd be cheap, it'd be cool, this is the best option at the moment.

  The third idea was solos.  1st, 2nd and 3rd could choose a <15$ solo of their choice.  Which is neat.  It gets a bit more expensive for me though.  Not much, but then you factor in shipping?  If three guys in Canada are really good at this game, shipping will suck.  It's also not unique.  It's still an option, but so far, I like the plaque idea.  Maybe it's just my wallet speaking.

  Either way, it's still pretty cool how many players are hopping into this.  If you want in, you need to go to the relevant thread, here.  If you've never played Vassal, then you need to go to one of my earlier blog posts, here.

  The actual tournament is called the "BRCT".  I opened it up for guessing on the forums, and one guy got really close with "Battle Report Campaign Tournament."  A few had good suggestions.  "Best, Really Cool Tournament" was a good one.  The actual name though is "Battle Report Community Tournament."

  It looks to be pretty fun, so I'm looking forward to it.  We open the ball Sunday.

  Now, I just gotta figure out who I'm bringing to represent Cygnar....  Since this is Vassal, and an unofficial kind of a event, we're allowing the Kickstarter models to be played as well.  That means this may be the first tournament to run Sturgis, Jakes, Aiakos, and whoever all the other ones are.

  Oooh, Gastone.  Nobody marshals like Gastone.


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