Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kromacs finished and then some.

  I've had a long log of painting accumulate over the last few months. Some personal, some commission.  Secret Santas came and went, etc.  The top of the list was a set of Kromacs, both models for Kromac1 and then the new Kromac2.

  Kromac1a for starters.  There's so much detail on these guys.  It's ridiculous.  I was really excited to get a chance at painting these models, and then I started and realized how much detail is actually on the Kromac1 sculpts.  A lot.  Too much probably.  

  When the client gave me the models, he told me that his scheme was standard, except for anywhere I'd do green, he wanted red.  The neck piece would have been green, but to make it red would basically blend into the hair so I ended up going grey/white with it.  It turned out somewhat monochromatic but I'm happy with it.

  The Kromac1b model has all the same details, just larger.  Fun model, difficult to get balanced but is still pretty sweet.  I don't like how all the details are larger though.  It's not like Bruce Banner's clothes all change size with him when he Hulks out.

  Kromac2, the new guy.  My wife got him, but she plans to paint him so I probably wasn't going to get to except that the client wanted him done.  So I got a chance at him.  He keeps all of the really cool details from the original Kromac, but tones it waaaay down.  I appreciated it.

  Keeping with the very tribal feel of the original Kromac, I wanted to convey it with his cape.  The lines cut into the cape really don't do much except break it up, and I wanted to paint in there like warpaint.  I liked how it came out.

  Then there's a Nicia I painted for Secret Santa.  Super fun model to paint.  Really dynamic.  Hirst Arts supplies form the base.

  And then these ones I received over the holidays.  The Steelsoul protector was in response to just convergence solos painted up as the artist's favorite Ironman scheme.  The other was from a guy at the LGS, and is particularly awesome.  I actually have to build a list with Gudrun now lol.

  So, I'll have some batreps out before too long.  Hopefully with holidays behind us I'll be able to get back into the swing of things and get some hobby articles out that I've been working on. Enjoy what's left of your weekend.