Sunday, August 23, 2015

Witch Coven, and Denny3 based

A custom comission for the Witch Coven.  The main thing is Egregore hovering, and in the pictures, the fishline is extremely noticeable.  On the table, I looks amazing.

  And then I also based and magnetized the wings on Denny3.

Magnetizing Denny3 isn't super hard. The stubs that go in actually fit incredibly snugly, so I shaved them back a bit so they slid in and out much smoother.  Secondly, DO NOT DRILL into Denny3's arm socket.  There is no depth there, and you'll punch into a hollow.  So any magnets need to fit into the wing sculpt.  I glued the magnet down to the bottom of the socket, and then cut into the arm deep enough for 2 magnets to fit in.  I left the two pieces that dictate the rotation for the arm, cut back into the arm, glued the magnet, and it works fine.

  I should have taken a picture.  I'll try to get one and add it in here.  If you try magnetizing though, you'll see what I'm talking about.  The biggest thing is not to drill into Denny3.  I didn't cut any length off of the key on the arm stub either, just in the elbow deep enough to fit 2 magnets.  1 to glue to the arm, 1 glued to Denny3.

In Other News:

  Things are getting busy around here for PP related stuff.  I just started a Journeyman thats doing really well in the aftermath of AoS.  So I picked up a Skorne Battlebox and that'll show up on here a bit.  

  Most of my commissions have gotten done.  I have a waiting list and I'll start biting into that.  Expect some Reznik2, hopefully some Kromac1/2 before too long.  

  Eratta!  The Mountain King got some serious help.  Idk if it'll be enough but it's certainly worth trying.  I feel like someone at PP just wants to play Gunnbjorn competitively.  

  Lastly, I have a couple of articles in the pipes that are specific to the hobby.  We have enough new players in our meta that I'm getting a lot of requests for hobby articles.  So right after this, I have an article on what you need to look at just getting in.  Assembling, Painting, Basing.  Then I'll hit those three again, but more with what I use for advanced techniques.  Obviously, a new painter/hobbyist doesn't need seven kinds of ballast, 3 places to get rocks and 2 different bags of mulch, but a player trying to move up a bit in his hobby skills would like to know that.  So I'll have two parts to article.  Getting started, and going forward.  That should be out shortly.

   Then we'll go for painting techniques.  The nice thing about this is that instead of me hashing it out again where other, more qualified artists have really done a better job, I'll assemble an article with links to videos of specific methods and techniques.  

  On top of that, there's always batreps.  I've been playing the GK quite a bit, so there may be something in the pipeline for him too.  But we'll see.

  Anyways, thanks for swinging by and taking a look.  Follow me on twitter @diceotfirstdegree too for more regular updates.  Cya around!


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  2. Wonderful pain and mod job! They look so good I suddenly find my own set dull.