Monday, August 10, 2015

Guest Batrep from Arizona_Troll. 75pts Grim2 (Trolls) vs. Siege (Cygnar)

  Good news for you guys tired of me modding warjacks, building boxes and writing crappy batreps.  Arizona_Troll, who I think has been featured in both of my "Painters I like right now" articles, went after a friend of his at 75pts, and asked if I'd like to post it on Diceotfirstdegree.  Of course I would.  Arizona_Troll is well known on the PP forums for his painting talent and has one of the most unique styles of painting that I've ever seen, so to get a huge batrep featuring all of these models is a fantastic opportunity and I've been excitedly waiting for the email with it since he asked.  Without further ado, the batrep:

(It's really long, but well worth the read.  On google docs, it's 32 pages, but only because of the incredibly well-documented battlereport that's told like History Channel's documentary of D-Day.  You'll enjoy it.)

75 Points: Cygnar (Siege) vs. Trollbloods (Grim2)

Hello fellow wargamers! Alan O’Bryan here (Arizona_Troll), and I’m honored and excited to be posting this guest Battle Report on Dice of the First Degree. You can find me on Twitter at @Irish_Al or check out more pictures of my model at I hope you enjoy this report!

My good friend Travis wanted to duke it out at 75 points, and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to bring the big boys! So the rules of this engagement were:
1) 75 point lists, 1 caster
2) You must bring exactly one colossal or gargantuan.
3) Each round we would crack open a beer, split it between glasses, and enjoy the experience of playing a great game with a good friend.

As the sun sets in the distance, Grim Angus looks on from his hiding place in the woods at the columns of Cygnaran troops marching down the road. From their activity, he knows that advance scouts have already spotted his own forces camped in the hills nearby. Surely they will not leave his forces at the rear and march on. In the morning he best have his troops ready for battle. Before turning to leave, Grim notices a familiar sight. Trollkin march with the humans wearing Greygore Boomhowler’s Quitari. Grim smiles as a plan forms in his mind.


Greygore Boomhowler and his mercenary Trollkin camp at the edge of the forest, set apart from the main Cygnar tents and fires. No matter how much they pay, they Cygnarans still don’t quite accept he and his troops as friends. He can’t blame them, for he’s had his share of battles against the Swans in his days as a mercenary. He takes another bite of the dry, tasteless rations. Dhunia knows that Cygnaran coin spends well, but eating from their larder is almost a punishment.

A twig snaps behind him from the edge of the forest. Greygore freezes.

Grey. It’s been a long time,” says a familiar voice. Without turning around, Greygore responds. “Angus. Are you the one got these humans all riled up?”

Grim Angus steps from trees, careful to watch for signs that he was spotted by the Swans.

I have something for you, Grey.” Grim tosses a bag in front of Greygore, the sound of coin clearly ringing out. “Walk away from this fight. I’d hate for you to end up in the belly of my Mountain King.”

Greygore laughs. “That’s hardly more than what the Swans are paying. Surely I can’t risk my reputation for the price of a few measly treats.” This was a lie. By the looks of the bag, it was easily twice what Siege was paying him. He finally turns around to look at Grim, who is holding a large sack over one shoulder. A barrel of Borka’s finest brew sits at his feet.

Is that...”

Salt pork. Fresh roasted boar. And a keg of a real Troll drink. Not this ... water... the humans serve.”

The two Trollkin smile at one another.


At first light, the Cygnaran trumpets blare, calling the army to formations. Leaving their tents pitched and the morning fires still smoldering in the pits, they march towards the Trollkin lines hoping to catch them unprepared. It is not to be. Lining the ridges across a shallow valley is a massive Troll army, at least as large as Siege’s own.

A deafening roar echoes through the valley, and a creature as tall as the hills comes into view. The Cygnar lines waver slightly at the sight of such a humongous beast.

Siege begins to shout out orders to get his troops moving and get their minds off of their fear.

Lt. Marks. Get those Trollkin mercenaries up in front of the Stormwall. I don’t want anything to break through our lines there.”

Um, sir. They’re gone.”


They left sometime during the night. All they left behind was this.” Marks holds an empty ale cask with Troll glyphs branded onto its surface. The top has been removed, and rattling around inside is a pile of Cygnaran coin.

Cursed mercenaries. Well, forget them. We can’t leave this army on our flank. Prepare for battle!”


SCENARIO AND DEPLOYMENT [Beer Choice: Firestone Woodsy Jack]

Travis had first choice of beer, and he chose a dark, flavorful IPA, suitable for contemplating dark deeds and mourning the inevitable loss of comrades in the upcoming battle.

Scenario: Recon!
Dominate either flag for 1 CP.
Destroy/RFP opponent’s objective for 1 CP.
Control the zone for 1 CP, Dominate it for 2 CP.
Kill Box: NO

Alan (Trollbloods) wins the roll. He choose to go second while taking the side of the board with the hill. This proved to be very important in the game. Travis (Cygnar) goes first, Huge bases are deployed, and we go from there.

*******Travis somehow forgets to unpack Greygore Boomhowler and Company. Thus, he plays down 9 points, although neither of us realized it until the next day. *******

TURN 1: GETTING IN TO POSITION [Beer Choice: New Belgium Trippel]

My choice of beers for the first round. I chose a nice, sweet Belgian beer with a hint of Coriander. Lighter than the last brew, this one is suitable for giving you liquid courage without making you feel weighted down as you run up the field towards the enemy.

Top of Turn 1: Cygnar (Travis)

I want Rangers and Blazers on the flanks!” Siege orders. “Harry their advance, and force them towards the center! Move! Now!”

Allocation: 1 Focus to the Stormwall.

1. Tempest Blazers: Run into the forest.
2. Rangers: Run up behind the building.
3. Gun Mages: Run up to be between the forest and the zone.
4. Forgeguard: Run forward and create small pockets of models base to base with each other.
5. Stormwall: Spends a Focus to run forward.
6. Stormlances: Run forward into the forest.
7. Siege: Moves behind the Stormwall, casts Foxhole over the Gun Mages.
8. Reinholdt: Moves up next to Siege.
9. Piper: Gives fearless and tough to the Forgeguard and moves up.
10. Squire: Moves up.
11. Stormblade Captain: Runs up to toe into the Foxhole template.
12. Journeyman Warcaster: Moves up, casts Arcane Shield on the Stormlances.

Travis spends his turn running most of his stuff forward. The key aspects of this turn were casting Foxhole to protect his Gunmages from getting shot at by the Bushwackers. Also, he wasn’t happy about it, but he placed his cavalry in the forest to protect them (Concealment with Arcane Shield) and to get them in position for the next turn knowing that if they declared a charge later that they would have Pathfinder thanks to the close proximity of the Stormblade Captain.

Bottom of Turn 1: Trollbloods (Alan)

Grim sends orders ahead for the Burrowers to enact his battle plan, and gives his Fell Caller a nod. The pieces are put in motion.

Watch our flanks, my brethren,” Grim says to his unit commanders. “Don’t let them box us in. We can’t afford to give that colossal an easy shooting gallery. Stay spread out!”

Sir! Stormlances assembling in the woods!”

Dang!” Grim looks across the valley. Sure enough, a unit of Stormlances are lining up for a charge. Fennblades are great against most cavalry, but those electrical bastards are a different story.

Hold back, lads. Don’t move up too far. Give our plan time to develop. Don’t make yourselves a target!”

1. Bushwackers: Move up, 10-man CRA targeting the Stormwall. At Dice+1 damage, they roll an 8 and inflict 9 damage to the Stormwall. Damage goes onto the left side, column 3.
2. Warders: Run up to protect my flank.
3. Bomber: Riles and moves up behind the Bushwackers, toeing the hill.
4. Burrowers: Burrow, move the Burrow Marker up 5 inches.
5. Runebearer: Shuffles back a bit.
6. Mountain King: Riles for 1 Fury, runs a little to the side and then forward.
7. (Whelps (3 of 5 started in play): I don’t recall exactly when I activated each one, but they just ran to their final positions when necessary to get out of the way).
8. Fell Caller: Runs forward next to the Mountain King.
9. Fennblades: Run into position.
10. Hunters Grim: Moves behind the Mountain King, transfers 5 Fury to the Stone, reforms a bit to get into final position.
11. Stone: Activates, uses 1 Fury to create the Aura (with Immunity to Continuous Effects), then moves to be between the Mountain King, Bomber, and Warders to try to cover them all.
12. Sons of Bragg: Run behind the lines to be near the Stone.

I had intended to shoot some Gunmages with a couple of CRAs from the Bushwackers, maybe even using my feat if I thought I could really decimate the Pistoleers. However, Foxhole put a damper on those plans. So, since he didn’t put Arcane Shield on the Stormwall, and without any other great targets, I decided to put a big shot into his Stormwall, hopefully scaring him enough to switch Arcane Shield to it. In games like this I tend to ignore the Stormwall and try to pick apart the rest of the army, so having Arcane Shield on him is preferable to me than having on it a powerful cavalry unit. The tactic worked (see Turn 2). I was also very afraid of his Stormlances charging my Fennblades. I’ve seen that play out before...assault shots, electro leap, plus melee attacks and more electroleap if he can get there. That’s not a fun scenario for my low defense, low armor troops. So I played very cautiously on that side of the table to limit his options. I also shifted Grim and my support towards the center of the table. I had intended to use the Runebearer to put Mirage on the Fennblades, but completely forgot when the time came. Alas.

TURN 2: BLOOD IS SPILLED [Beer Choice: Sharkinator White IPA]

A fitting beer name for the beginning of the killing, Travis chose this wheat IPA to celebrate the pain and bloodshed he wanted to inflict on my Trollbloods.

Top of Turn 2: Cygnar (Travis)

Clever Trolls!” Siege growls. “They sit there on their hill and refuse to give us an opening. Do we know who their commander is yet?”

No sir.”

Well find out! I feel like I’m fighting blind! I need to know what we’re up against.”

Allocation: 2 Focus to the Stormwall.
Gains 1 Focus from the Squire

1. Tempest Blazers: Move up and choose electro leap for their shots, firing at the Bushwackers. His dice failed him. Needing 6s or 8s (depending if the Bushwackers were on the hill), he missed 2 of his 4 shots (the 5th was out of range). Thanks to some tough checks and one hit failing to break armor thanks to the Stone, the Blazers had to retreat after killing only 2 Pygs.
2. Gunmages: Move up, and those that can do so took shots at the Bushwackers. More poor dice rolling, and they end their activation having felled only 1 Bushwacker.
3. Forgeguard: Run up, keeping in small base to base groupings.
4. Stormwall: Moves up, shoots his small machine guns at the Bushwackers. Gets one shot from one arc, kills 1 Bushwacker. Rolls two shots with the other arc, misses the first shot, hits with the second shot, but the Bushwacker makes his tough check. The Stormwall then fires his big guns into the Bomber. The first shot hits, and with boosted damage puts 4 damage into the Bomber, column 3. He misses his second shot, having saved the last Focus to boost damage if he hit.
5. Rangers: Run into position to draw the attention of the Fennblades (hopefully).
6. Siege: Moves up, casts Foxhole over the Gunmages again.
7. Stormblade Captain: Runs up into the Foxhole template.
8. Journeyman Warcaster: Moves up and casts Arcane Shield on the Stormwall.
9. Piper: Move and gives fearless and tough to the Forgeguard.
10. Reinholdt: Moves a bit.
11. Squire: Moves a bit.
12. Stormlances: Activate and stay where they are.

It should be noted that Travis spent a long, long time thinking before starting his turn. His comment: “You have left me with no good targets this turn.” I guess I did my job then. :-) He really wanted to shoot my Warders with Brutal shots from the Blazers, but was afraid of giving them Pathfinder on the next turn so that they could perhaps engage his Blazers through the forest. He was very worried about losing his entire unit of Stormlances on the following turn if he moved them up, but knew that if he left them where they were that he would lose the front rank to Burrowers next turn. He decided to take that route, although he admitted later that he didn’t count on me getting to his Stormblade Captain (see Bottom of Turn 2). Note that he chose not to shoot with his Rangers because he did not want to trigger Vengeance for only killing a couple of models.

Bottom of Turn 2: Trollbloods (Alan)

Grim Angus can feel the unrelenting hunger of the Mountain King, pulling constantly at their fragile bond. Its hunger is so deep and raw that Grim himself begins to salivate, his stomach growling. He quickly quiets the urges, but the beast is hard to contain.

So far the two sides have been positioning for battle, only exchanging probing blows. Grim is waiting for the sign...

There it is! A pygmy troll leaps out of the ground near the Cygnaran cavalry. The army’s Fell Caller, prepared with the order, bellows out a rousing shout, and the Burrowers charge, emboldened by the powerful call.

Grim smiles. He turns to look at the Fennblades on his flank, awaiting their orders. He gives them the signal for a cautious advance.

During the Maintenance Phase I placed the Burrowers between the building and the Gun Mages with one trooper model back within 4” of the Effigy of Valor (so the Burrowers would be Fearless this round and so that the Fell Caller could use War Cry on them.)

1. Fell Caller: Moves up behind the objective, gives War Cry to the Burrowers for +2 MAT.
2. Mountain King: Sacrifices movement to Aim (targeting the Objective to line up his shot), his spray catches two Gunmages (including the Officer) and, after boosting to hit on both and succeeding, the Gunmages’ heads explode with the force of the cry.
3. Burrowers: Receive a Charge! order. They slam into the front line of Stormlances, killing the two closest. I also get one Burrower into the Stormblade Captain and, after hitting with both attacks, slay him. A couple of Burrowers charge the Gunmages as well, killing one.
4. Bushwackers: Receive a Run! order and move up to engage the Forgeguard. They began their activation next to the Effigy of Valor, so they were fearless for the next round.
5. Warders: Run towards the center of the table to protect my beasts and hold the line.
6. Bomber: Riles and moves up behind the Warders.
7. Runebearer: Moves a bit, uses Harmonious Exultation.
8. (Whelps: I don’t recall exactly when I activated each one, but they just ran to their final positions when necessary to get out of the way).
9. Stone: Activates, uses 1 Fury to create the Aura (with Immunity to Continuous Effects), then moves to be behind the Bomber.
10. Sons of Bragg: Run to the edge of the hill.
11. Hunters Grim: Casts Mirage on the Fennblades, moves towards the hill, places 2 Fury on the Krielstone unit, Reform to their final position.
12. Fennblades: Receive a Charge! order. Three Fennblades charge the Rangers and, with good rolls to hit, kill two of them. The rest run into position.

I knew this would be an important turn. I had to kill as much as possible before Siege used his feat. With the Forgeguard bearing down on me, I sacrificed what was left of the Bushwackers as a possible screen in front of the Dwarfs, and getting them engaged was the best protection from the Tempest Blazers removing them trivially. I moved my Sons of Bragg to the opposite side of the field to threaten his Blazers with the assault spray and so I could use my Warders to hold the center instead of just chasing the Blazers around the board all day. At this point Travis was starting to get nervous. [He even made the comment that he felt like he just didn’t have enough models on the table. I asked him “Are you sure you built a 75 point list?” He said, “Yeah, and quickly tallied up most of his army, showing that without even counting everything he was already above 60 points. If only he’d actually added up ALL of his points, he would have realized at this point that the Boomhowlers were missing. But neither of us noticed.]

TURN 3: WHEN WIDOWS ARE MADE [Beer Choice: Firestone Easy Jack IPA]

Turn 2 wasn’t kind to Travis, so I picked an easy-drinking IPA for our fourth beer, something really drinkable to help him drown his sorrows.

Top of Turn 3: Cygnar (Travis)

Siege can hear the screams of his men as the lines clash. These damned Trollkin are one tough lot, he’ll grant them that. Siege still isn’t completely sure who is leading them. He steps around the Stormwall to get a better look, and catches sight of a Troll with a large rifle and cap pulled low to shield his eyes.

Grim Angus,” Siege grumbles, taking cover behind the glowing stone effigy. Taking stock of the battlefield, it’s clear that Grim is out of range. Choosing his shot carefully to free up his mercenary Dwarf company, he shouts the order.

Charge! Hit their lines and collapse their middle. Go! Go! Go!”

Allocation: 2 Focus to the Stormwall.
Gains 1 Focus from the Squire
Journeyman Warcaster upkeeps Arcane Shield on the Stormwall.

1. Tempest Blazers: Move up and shoot at the Stone unit. They kill one scribe (forcing me to remove 1 Fury from the unit), and another scribe makes his Tough check. The other shots either miss or are out of range.
2. Siege: Moves up next to the objective and uses Ground Pounder to kill some of the Bushwackers engaging the Forgeguard.
3. Stormwall: Rolls poorly with his secondary weapons, only killing one Bushwacker (his other attacks he made at the Sons of Bragg I think and missed). He hits the Bomber with his big guns, and the bomber takes a total of 8 damage from two hits. The two remaining purchased whelps are placed into play from the damage. The Bomber’s Body is “out” and he has some damage to his Spirit. The Stormwall places a Storm Pod that kills a Bushwacker and puts two damage into a Warder.
4. Forgeguard: They receive a Charge! order. They crash into the front lines of the Warders and kill two of the mighty heroes. They also kill all but two of the remaining Bushwackers. [The Bushwackers were Fearless this turn and automatically passed their morale check.]
5. Journeyman Warcaster: Stands still and uses his Handcannon to shoot at the closest Burrower. His shot misses.
6. Rangers: Run back towards the Forest. One takes a free strike from a Fennblade and dies.
7. Stormlances: Receive a Charge! order. Between free strikes, assault shots, and charge attacks, they murder most of the Burrowers. [The Burrowers were Fearless this round, and so automatically passed their morale check.]
8. Gun Mages: Charge into combat and kill one Bushwacker and one Burrower.
9. Piper: Tough and Fearless on the Forgeguard.
10. Reinholdt: Moves a bit, does nothing.
11. Squire: Does nothing.

What sums up this turn, in Travis’s words: “I just didn’t kill enough stuff at all. Okay, go ahead and murder me now.” He wasn’t really mad. That’s just Travis. :-) [Somewhere along the way a whelp was killed from electro leap I think, but I can’t remember where, and forgot to remove him from the following diagram. There should only be three next to the Bomber.]

Bottom of Turn 3: Trollbloods (Alan)

The Cygnaran Warcaster had stepped up into the middle of the fray, coming out from behind his massive warjack. Knowing that this signaled an important turning point in the battle, Grim extends his focus and skill, lending accuracy to his army.

Fire at Will!” he shouts. “Collapse the left flank, and drive off that blasted cavalry!”

Grim upkeeps Mirage, and the Fennblades each are placed within two inches of their current locations (heading towards the Cygnar lines).

1. Stone Unit: Spend 1 Fury (3 remaining) to create the Aura (with +1 STR), moved up to the side of the Bomber and behind the Warders.
2. Burrowers: Burrowed beneath the ground and moved the Burrow Marker within a couple inches of Siege.
3. Runebearer: Used Harmonious Exultation.
4. Hunters Grim: Moved up to the middle of the hill and made Cygnar “Smell His Troll Feat!” He then shot the closest Tempest Blazer not in the forest, Boosting the hit but not the damage. The Blazer died. Grim then cast Mortality on the Forgeguard, choosing not to boost. The spell landed. The unit reformed back a bit and ended their activation. Grim had 2 Fury remaining.
5. Bomber: Ate three whelps to heal 6 damage from his body. Threw his first bomb into the Dwarf behind the Lightning Pod. His hit landed. He purchased a second shot and threw into the group of four Forgeguard in front of the Stormwall. I can’t recall what rolls I boosted, but he ended with 3 Fury on him and the result was that two nearby Dwarfs and the Pod were destroyed, as well as the entire group of four Dwarfs next to the Stormwall. My rolls were pretty good, but Mortality removing tough and dropping their armor really hurt them.
6. Fell Caller: Moved around the objective and gives War Cry to the Fennblades for +2 MAT. He then tried to spray the Gunmages, but he missed his attacks.
7. Sons of Bragg: They Fell Call: Fervor for +2 to attack and damage rolls. Tor charges the Tempest Blazer on the edge of the forest, and his assault spray kills the poor chap. He catches another Blazer in the spray template, hits, and does 4 damage to him (leaving him with 1 remaining wound). Rhudd charges the Blazer in the forest, but fails his charge because of needing to move through the forest. Wrathar runs to engage the same Blazer.
8. Fennblades: Receive a Charge! order along with the No Quarter “mini-feat”. They kill the remaining Stormlances and one Ranger. The Rangers failed their command check against Terror. The Fennblade Officer also killed one of the remaining Gun Mages, who automatically passed their command check because of their proximity to the Effigy of Valor.
9. Bushwacker: The remaining Bushwacker turn around and shot a Dwarf, killing him.
10. Warders: Receive a Charge! order. One Warder hits the Stormwall for 2 damage, another Warder kills a Forgeguard Dwarf, and the last Warder misses his attack against a Gun Mage.
11. Mountain King: Moved up, sprayed towards the objective. The spray was short, but that target was just being used to line up the spray to catch a Gun Mage (and miss my troops). Boosting to hit, the Mountain King murdered the Gun Mage.
12. Whelps: The remaining whelp ran up into the zone.

Again, I knew it was important to kill as much as possible since Siege hadn’t used his feat yet (and so it was obviously coming next turn). Thus, I decided to make Travis “SMELL MY TROLL FEAT!” this turn. The turn was a good one. When I asked Travis to comment on this turn, he said “What happened is that you pretty much collapsed one side of the table and probably won the game.” I felt pretty comfortable leaving Grim on the hill with two transfers considering he would be DEF18 vs. shooting. Travis didn’t know it yet, but I was setting him up for a Mountain King-assisted assassination attempt next turn...

TURN 4: FINISH HIM! [Beer Choice: Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale]

It was Travis’s turn to pick the beer, and he knew he needed some help to pull out a win. And what better fuel than that little extra Sumpin’ Sumpin’ that comes with a truly excellent brew?

Top of Turn 4: Cygnar (Travis)

Sir, we must retreat!”

Siege glares at the journeyman warcaster. No, retreat is not an option on this day. They still have a Stormwall, and whatever that giant Troll is, they cannot leave it alive to ravage the countryside. The innocent people of Cygnar will NOT be left to fill this creature’s belly.

No! We fight! Take aim, and give them everything you’ve got boys!” Siege focuses and extends his energy to infuse the troops around them, helping to guide their attacks and maximize their damage. With a cry, he fires his cannon and lays waste to a squad of Trollkin with huge swords running in his direction.

Keep it up men! We aren’t beaten yet!”

Allocation: 2 Focus to the Stormwall.
Gains 1 Focus from the Squire
Journeyman Warcaster upkeeps Arcane Shield on the Stormwall.

1. Gun Mages: Move back out of combat. Both die to free strikes.
2. Reinholdt: Moves up and gives Siege Reload.
3. Siege: Activates his feat, then puts Ground Pounder down into the large group of Fennblades nearby, killing a bunch of them (one makes his tough check). He then takes his extra shot and kills the Fell Caller.
4. Stormwall: With his left machine gun he killed one member of the Stone Unit, and with his right machine gun he killed the Fennblade Officer. He then proceeded to two-shot the Bomber into oblivion. The first attack (under the feat) did 18 damage, and the second shot finished him off. Grim reaved the Fury.
5. Forgeguard: Received a Charge! order. One Dwarf killed a Warder, the other missed his attack.
6. Tempest Blazers: Received a Charge! order. One damaged Rhudd for a few points, and another did 6 points of damage to a Warder.
7. Rangers: Stayed where they were, rallied with a successful command check.
8. Journeyman Warcaster: Shot the knocked down Fennblade who Siege failed to kill and finished him off.
9. Piper: I think he just left him back and didn’t do anything with him.

Travis killed a lot of stuff, but he also opened up some clear lanes to Siege. Siege was camping 5 Focus, and so was ARM 22. I think he should have moved Arcane Shield onto Siege, but the beer might have been getting to him by this point. Or perhaps he thought the game was lost and wasn’t fully engaged. Or maybe it just didn’t occur to him. Who knows?

Bottom of Turn 4: Trollbloods (Alan)

Grim moves up and kneels next to the Effigy of Valor, feeling its magical energy coursing through him. Trying to put it out of his mind, and ignoring the distance cries of battle and barely restrained fury of the Mountain King pulling at the bond, he exhales slowly and takes aim at Siege, who is struggling to stand as Fennblade warriors scream towards him. He squeezes the trigger, the bullet piercing Siege’s shoulder. The warcaster falls again, and the Fennblades finish him off. At his death, a trumpet blares, and the remaining Cygnaran troops flee the battlefield.

Grim upkeeps Mirage, and the Fennblades each are placed within two inches of their current locations (lining up several for a charge against Siege and making sure to get the ). The Burrowers popped out behind Siege.

1. Whelps: The one remaining whelp runs to within a few inches of Siege.
2. Mountain King: Moves up and Power Strikes the whelp in the back. Boosting the hit, the whelp sails through the air and crashes into Siege. Siege takes no damage, but is knocked down.
3. Bushwackers: The remaining Bushwacker just moves out of the way.
4. Stone Unit: They spend 1 Fury to activate the Aura (+1 STR), and run to get as close as possible to Siege.
5. Hunters Grim: Grim moves up and puts a boosted damage shot into Siege, causing 6 damage to Siege.
6. Burrowers: Shoot their Slug Guns at Siege. All of them hit, but none do any damage at dice minus 8.
7. Fennblades: Receive a Charge! order. Four Fennblades get to Siege, and the fourth attack fells the Cygnaran Warcaster.

Grim looks around the battlefield. His forces have won the day, but at great cost. While the Mountain King scavenges the field eating the dead, Grim removes his hat and wipes sweat from his brow. He knows that Cygnar will not take this loss lightly, and that the United Kriels must prepare for their eventual counterattack.


My choice for the victory toast. Good friends and good times call for one of my favorites.


No friendships were harmed during this game, but we did slay the following beers. Borka would be proud. :-)

My thoughts on the game:
1. Some players have a hard time with the idea that every model in the game except your 
warlock/warcaster is expendable. It’s a lot like chess. It sucks to lose your knight, but if you lose 
him to protect your rook, and to eventually allow you to be able to take a bishop then it’s worth 
it. On Turn 2 I ran my Bushwackers at his Forgeguard instead of taking the opportunity to move 
up and shoot a CRA at the Blazers or fire at another target of opportunity. They mostly died the 
next turn, but it hampered his advancing Forgeguard, kept up the pressure on my opponent, and 
forced Siege to focus his attention on taking them out. Which also means he wasn’t shooting at 
other things in my army. Positioning in this game (and dictating order of activations for your 
opponent) is as important as killing models in many cases, and this is a great example. They only 
put 9 damage into the Stormwall and later killed one Dwarf, but I consider their performance key 
to my victory in this game.

2. You do not always have to kill the big guys (colossals/gargantuans) to win. While I don’t 
think my opponent played his Stormwall perfectly, and he suffered from some bad dice rolling, I 
am fine with slowly losing models throughout the game to his shooting (I don’t think he racked 
up 19 points worth of kills) while I neuter the rest of his army. Only the mission objectives 
matter, including killing the caster.

3. Support models are usually there for a reason...identify that reason and target the ones your 
opponent depends on if you can. Because of the board setup, Travis felt the need to place his 
Stormlances in the forest Turn 1. I immediately recognized that a lack of pathfinder would 
hamper them, and so went after their source of Pathfinder: the Stormblade Captain. Incidentally, 
the only reason he was comfortable putting his cavalry in that position was because he thought 
he could rely on the Captain to give them Pathfinder. While your opponent will not always 
oblige you by putting support models in harm’s way (I never had a clear shot at Rhupert, for 
instance), it’s important to identify what support pieces your opponent has in his list and why 
they are there. That might give you an idea of his plans, and it might help you identify when it’s 
worth the effort to kill them and when you can leave them alone.

4. Power attacks win games. Ask any veteran and they will tell you that the biggest advantage 
they have over newer players is an in-depth knowledge of the rules and the models in this game. 
Power attacks are very situational, but when those situations come up they can absolutely win 
you games. I knew that Siege was going to camp Focus, and I knew that I would have to rely on 
some dice spikes to break his armor and kill him Round 4. That means I needed to make sure that 
I maximized the number of attacks that hit, and the best way to do this is to knock him down 
first. The line wasn’t right for the Mountain King to try to slam him, and I was definitely too far 
away to walk up and headbutt him. But I did have a whelp, and I knew that whelp did not have 
tough so that after Power Striking him he could not make a tough check and remain in play to 
mess up my assassination run. I also knew that Power Strike slams a small base model an 
additional +2 inches, so that if I placed the whelp within 3” of Siege I could not miss unless I 
rolled triple ones to hit with boosting. My knowledge of Power Attacks facilitated the 
assassination run, and I would have surely failed without it. Also, this is a good time to note that 
I love this trick with the Mountain King. I have killed a lot of warcasters/warlocks by Power 
Striking a whelp into them to knock them down, and it just so happens that the Mountain King 
generates his own ammunition. :-)

5. Don’t forget to double check your list and make sure you field all of the points you’re 
supposed to. :-)


Arizona_Troll folks!  I think that's easily the best batrep I've ever had the pleasure of both reading and having the pictures for.  Everything was beautifully painted and the photography was devoid of the dungeon yellow that mine are usually accompanied by.   Lots of thanks to Alan and Travis, and we'll see you around!

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