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50pts Thagrosh2 (Legion) vs. Madrak2 (Trollbloods)

Back when I first started doing batreps, one of the first guys I started playing in the area on a regular basis was Legion, and we played all the time. I think I played 80% of my games against his Legion in particular. We hadn't gotten to play for awhile though, and in that time, I transitioned from Cygnar to Trollbloods. We finally got a chance to catch up on a Warmachine game last weekend.


For my own part, I brought my Madrak2 list. I considered pGrim, simply because my opponent said he's smashed every pGrim list he's seen, but I felt like I'd rather have Madrak for this go around. It's probably a pretty good thing, because as you saw earlier, I brought pGrim for the next game and go figure. Got smashed.

Champions w/UA
Champ Hero
Fenns w/UA
Fenn Kithkar
KSB Hero Kithkar Fell Caller Chronicler of Scorcery.
Not really. I lied about that last guy.
Janissa Stonetide. Truth.

I'm loving the Champion module right now. It works very well, takes a lot of punishment, and between Skaldi and the Hero, clears it's own charge lanes quite efficiently. They also allow me to not have to bring heavy hitting beasts. The beasts in my Madrak2 lists are generally pillow fisted in melee, and half of the time, the Impaler doesn't even kill a model. Or even try. But with blood fury, everything else hits fantastically hard.

Anyways. My opponent won the rolloff, deployed central. He's got four heavys, 9 medium based models and a caster who scares 2 of the latter. Deployment is pretty straightforward.

Mine's pretty practiced at this point. Fenns to the left, Champs to the right to take advantage of the hill.

Typhon makes a run for the hill to my left, setting up to kill all of my Fenns by himself because he can. Seraph moves to support him, and the other two beasts make for the woods that very conveniently allow my opponent to play aggressively forward.

Thags puts Dragon's Blood (I think) on Typhon, and hangs onto everything else. Shepherds move up and clear fury from running, and it's my turn.

I'm up. I don't take pictures, but you're not missing much. Moses gives Madrak Harmonious Exaltation, and Madrak moves up. He casts far strike on the bomber for one, because why not, and dumps fury to the stone. Bomber moves up, chucks some bombs that deviate from anything useful, and the Impaler riles. The stone moves up and pops aura so I know where to put my Champions, and Janissa drops a wall in front of the whole mess. Then, conveniently, having an idea where the aura is, I place half of my champions outside of it brilliantly.

Good job, Jedi. The Anakin part is showing through.

Fenns run, and everything else shuffles in. I prepare for the Typhon sprays.

Sure enough, the Typhon sprays come. Thags upkeeps Dragon's Blood on Typhon, and Typhon moves in, and instead of worrying about Fenns, he sprays the Champions instead. 3 sprays later, he's damaged the three under the aura, and forced a tough check on the nearest, but otherwise, his dice hate him. He did catch a Fenn in that mess, and kills him, so I get Vengeance, but that's it.

Seraph moves in, takes a few shots, and finishes the nearest Champ. Thags move into the woods and feats. If your're not familiar with his feat, everything gets to make a full advance and a melee attack after everything has finished activating. It's kind of like Stryker2, but for battle group only.

The Carnivean moves in, and sprays, and finishes two of the Champions on the left. The Scythean moves up, nothing more. Shredders go rabid and run to engage Champs, including one who cleverly runs to engage Skaldi. No countercharge for me. All in all, one engages a Fenn and forces a tough check. Another toes into the wall near Madrak and the Bomber. A third engages the left champions, and the fourth is Skaldi's.

Shepherds move up and do their thing, and the Feralgeist runs forward. Feat kicks in, and everything but the Scythean runs and hides in the woods. Instead of moving in and engaging my lines further (Which I would have liked) they hide in the woods and force me to come to them. Sneaky.

First things first. Vengeance is nice, and I manage to kill one of the Shredders engaging my Fenns, and get some better positioing, but I still need to clear the Shredders off of the Champions. The Hero charges across near the Scythean, and one-rounds the Shredder there, so that's something.

Harmonious Exaltation from Moses again. Kithkar charges across and murders the Shredder engaging the Bomber. Impaler moves up and farstrikes the bomber. The Bomber moves up and throws twice at Typhon. First misses and does nothing, but the second hits and does 13 damage I think, but it's on an off column so it doesn't remove any aspects.

Madrak moves up, puts more fury to the stone, drops Blood Fury on the Champs, and hangs onto 2 transfers.

The Fenns charge now. Two charge across to whack the last shredder, while the rest spread out, trying to fill area and distract Typhon. Unfortunately, they block the charge lanes for my Champion on the left to charge into the Beasts, so that plan is out.

Instead, the Blood-furied Champions focus on the Scythean instead, and charge him. Three weaponmaster blood fury attacks later (5 dice at -6 I think...) and the Scythean is gone, and my Champs are conveniently clumped together. I've also left a nice avenue for Thagrosh to reach Madrak2.

The Carnivean begins by advancing, and swinging at a few Fenns between Thags and Madrak. He kills them both. Thags charges forward at a third one and murders him, creating an Eruption of Ash, an ability his weapon has. The AOE3 doesn't reach anything else, so that's good. And I minifeated the turn before with the Fenns, so they're fearless.

Thags then casts Scourge, and attempts to hit the Bomber, in an attempt to KD Madrak, which would be bad. However, the Bomber is DEF16 behind the wall. Thags misses, and the deviation scatters to directly in front of the wall, somehow finding the ONE spot in my army where it touches NOTHING.

He's committed too much at this point though, so the Seraph moves up, rolls and gets a whopping total of two shots, missing both of them. Typhon activates, and he ignores cover at least, but only barely gets Madrak in range, and nothing else. He fails to hit and do damage both until the last one, and even then, only triggers enough to force Grim Salvation and take away a KSB dude.

Shepherds move in and do their thing.

At this point, it's pretty much a done game. In an effort to move through the turn faster and end the game for my opponent, I skip the Vengeance move on the Fenns, and move right into the important part. Fell Caller gets +2 on the Champs, Madrak upkeeps Blood Fury (not in that order) and Champion Hero moves into Thags first, threshering Typhon and Thags both, doing damage. That's followed by the Champions walking to Thags. Even with two transfers, 9 weaponmaster attacks easily destroy Thagrosh. (4 champions with 2x attacks and the Hero)

If that hadn't worked immediately, I would have gone ahead with the Vengeance move and played the turn as normal, and probably killed Thagrosh regardless. At that point, it was getting the game done and over with so we could move to other things. With Thags up as far as he was, it wasn't going to be much of an issue.


1. With the exception of a funky Mangled Metal game, that's the first game I've had against Thags2, and it was meh. I really expected a lot more carnage. He focused a lot on the Champions on feat turn, and only managed to kill two, and on top of that, gave me an easy Vengeance, killing just 1 fenn for me. He didn't focus on them at all with typhon like he could have. Sure, he'd of lost a beast to the Champs, but he he had several more. On his next turn, the assassination was a lost cause against Madrak2, but the Champions had him so worried, he risked it. I felt like they were gone, with the Carnivean in their back arc and an assault spray. I was pretty sure that was the end of them, but the 5 dice monsters had my opponent jumpy. I think that was the main reason I won that one as easily as it seemed like I did.

Otherwise, really good game, enjoyed getting to see Thags2.

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