Tuesday, April 29, 2014

50pts Severius2 (Menoth) vs. Grim1 (Trollbloods)

My PG pulled me in for a game, wanting to work with his eSevvy list. Normally, my PG plays trollbloods, but sometimes he falls to the darkside and brings Menoth instead. He brought:

*Blessing of Vengeance
Errants w/UA
The Book
Vassal Mechanic

...I think... I imagine he'll swing by and correct me.

For my list, on the other hand, I wasn't sure what list he was bringing, and I wasn't sure what I had to bring. It was kind of a tossup between Jarl and Grim, (I had just played eMadrak), but the winning choice was whoever had the War Wagon in their list, which happened to be pGrim.

War Wagon
Fennblades w/UA
Long Riders
Fell Caller
Sons of Bragg

I've been trying to get that War Wagon painted now for two months, so regardless of how well it did, I was excited to field it. We rolled off, and my opponent rolled a 7 with tier, and deployed first. Fairly straightforward, his list being pretty symmetrical. Errants were AD, so they ended up out in front after I finished.

My Fenns went to the left, Long Riders to the right, hoping to use the forest as cover with Cross country.

My opponent starts the ball by allocating a focus to each jack. Everything runs, and Severius gets Holy Ward onto the Errants for a DEF bonus.

The Impaler moves up, puts far strike on the War Wagon. War Wagon moves up and drifts his AOE into the Errants and kills one, which self sacrifices. The Fenns run up, and the Chronicler gives them Concealment. Grim moves up, puts Return Fire on the Wagon, and Cross Country on the Long Riders. The Riders move up, and the Sons of Bragg run as well.

Severius upkeeps Holy Ward. I think. The Choir move up and battle everything, and the Vassal gets Admonition onto the Blessing of Vengeance. The Errants shuffle/aim and shoot down a number of Fenns, a few of whom tough. Severius moves forward, feats, rolls a 6 for d3, and takes over four Long Riders and two Fenns. He then lands Fear of God onto my Fenns, through the KD guy. The Fenns just turn around and walk, swinging at other Fenns. Three Long Riders run across the map into enemy lines, and turn for the backstrike bonus, while the fourth rider runs back to about 6 inches inside my deployment zone.

The Reckoner and Crusaders on the right proceed to walk up and smash 2 of the long riders, the third one toughing. The left Crusader blocks lanes with the Book (no knockdown there) to Severius, and the left Reckoner takes a shot at the Fenns. The Fire of Salvation moves forward into a good position for next turn, and it's back to me.

Oh, and the Long Riders rode waaaay up into the flank, and on my opponent's turn, he blocked them with the Vassal Mechanic and choir members.

So, back to my turn, I'm down to the last chance assassination, which is pretty sketchy. The Long Riders move in, and the one in the back kills the Mechanic, and the other guy impacts and kills 2 choir dudes in front of him, leaving the EBDT room to walk around the Crusader, as I've now learned :P

The Fell Caller charges the Reckoner hopelessly, does some damage, but again, nothing great. The Sons move out of the way for Tor, Fervor, and Tor assaults, hoping to get range on Sevvy, but comes up shy. The EBDT walks around the Crusader, picks up the Reckoner, and pitches it across the choir and into Sevvy, hitting, but only doing maybe 3 boxes of damage. He then spends the rest of his attacks punching the Crusader.

Grim moves to the side, fires a shot off, hits, and needs a 16 to kill He does not roll a 16, and leaves Sevvy on 6 boxes.

The Reckoner gets 3 focus, walks up and smacks Grim into the ground.

Overall, reaaally good game. I got shot to pieces, but learned a ton.

1. The Feat isn't as bad as I took it. Like, I really struggled with how to counter that feat, and really, there isn't a way. It's 6 models, and unless it's Champions, it's only going to kill 6 models. That's 10+pts, sure, but Madrak's come from worse.

2. Grim sucks against Menoth. No magic shooting except Grim himself, Menoth doesn't really care about -3 SPD, so on, so forth. On top of that, I'm no good at landing Marked for Death. Madrak2 would have been a better match, especially since Grim can't do much against 4 heavy jacks.

3. All that being said, I put my Long Riders up too far. Knowing Sevvy had to come up to get them in his feat, I should have pulled them back and forced him to come out and play. I also mismanaged my Sons badly, and if I had moved them closer to the action, I may have gotten the hit with Tor's spray, and that could have been the make or break of the game for me. Also, charging with the War Wagon was dumb. I should have screened it with the Chronicler and Fell caller, and saved the Wagon for the assassination run.

Good game though, and looking forward to the next one.

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