Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thrullg Sapien, bought, based and painted

  I don't know if you've been reading the last few blog batreps.  No one's blaming you if you haven't, but I'm getting my butt handed to me by Cryx.  I've tried Jarl, and you'll see my work with Grim1 a bit.  I'm about to just drop Madrak2 for everything.

  Incidentally, Fear of God from Severius2 ticked me off too.

  Anyways, I noticed Thrullg, and while I'm completely aware that he's not Eiryss, he still seems like could be a decent backline support model able to free my Fenns of whatever Cryx has on them today.  Him and the normally useless Drummer can be buddies.

  I love the model though.  Even with the Bull fighter flag arms he's got.  So I picked him up, and he immediately struck me as similar to Abe Sapien from the Hellboy comics.  So I wanted a swamp look, and the blue.  I twisted his tentacles up a bit so they're not just straight out.  Mixed up a base coat of 1:1 vallejo Electric Blue and Night Blue, then air brushed him today after work, and lightened the second coat from there.

  The base, I coated in Citadel Loren Forest (a dark, earthy green) added grasses and coated in clear window sealant.

  I have no idea how he'll play, but the model is awesome.  Except for how the arms adopt this attitude of "What, foam?  Fit into square foam holes like everything else?  NEVER."

  Other than that, I'm debating dropping him into a tailored Grim1 list, or trying to adapt my Madrak2 list to handle Cryx as well.  The third option is the expensive one, and that's buying Grim2 and seeing how that rolls.  I'm getting the Hunter's Grim eventually, simply for painting purposes, but they seem fun to play.  Anyways, that's the hobby post for now.  

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