Thursday, May 22, 2014

50pts Bethayne (Legion) vs Grim1 (Trollbloods)

Got a chance for an impromptu game mid-week last week and busted out Grim1... because I could, I guess? I wanted to try him with Long Riders again, and Nyss. My opponent wanted to run his bethayne tier and see how it rolls. The Bethayne tier is legit, but cornercase. Anything that can deny magic/magic attacks will shut it down. It's two units of hex hunters that can capitalize on her feat, and two Nyss Sorceresses on Hellions, which are actually kind of annoying solos to deal with.

His list:

Hex Hunters
Hex Hunters
Black Frost Shard
2x Shepherds
2x Hellions

My list

Fennblades w/UA
Long Riders
Fell Caller

He won the rolloff and deployed first, with the ability to redeploy the hex hunters because of tier.

I stayed center, and he redeployed the hex hunters back to a more normal state of things. Tricky legion players.

And everything ran. Angelius hauled up the board, Hex hunters all ran, Hellions all ran. One of the Hex hunter units got Carnivore, and an Angelius got Blood thorn.

I opened with farstriking the Bomber, who walked up, and chucked a bomb downfield at the right Angelius, and was just out. So it drifted, did very little. So he chucked one at the left, boosted to hit, and hit directly, doing about a spiral of damage. Grim1 moved up, with farstrike down, and put a shot into the right angelius. Then Cross country landed on the Riders. Fenns got pathfinder and ran to screen and get upfield. Stormtroll trudged in behind, and the Long Riders hung out in the woods.

The Nyss moved up 7'', and finished making Bethayne pay for getting her beasts so far up the board. 2 CRAs later, and the left Angelius was gone.

Did you see my screwup? It's right there.

Bethayne has Gallows. That bloody spell that pulls a person d6 if it hits? My opponent ran a Forsaken up, and Belphagor (Bethayne's ride), then arced through both of them. Grim1 got pulled in, and what was left of the first Angelius landed on him and killed him in the first AP hit.

Shortest batrep ever. Thoughts on the game.

1. Obvious mistake was obvious. I'd read the card. I knew she had gallows, and I didn't think to look at arc nodes. I just assumed Grim was far enough out of range. I had the opportunity to drop Fenns all around him and block things just like that from happening, and I didn't. Definitely dropped the ball on that one.
2. On the other hand, Nyss CRAs are awesome. That was fun. Killing an Angelius off the bat is legit. I think I was about to lose a lot of Fenns to the feat turn, and maybe some Nyss, but a lot of the punch was gone, and I had the shooting to take down the other one too.

So yeah. Silly short game, but it's there. Watch out for gallows, right?

In other news, I've got a unit of Warders and a unit of Burrowers on the painting table right now, plus my fancy Impaler.  Trying to get them all playable for the weekend.  I've been vassaling them both, and have enjoyed them a lot.  The Warders take a bit to get used to.  They out threat the Champions, but move up the board slower.  They're doing good with Madrak2, but it makes his slow brick even slower.  Burrowers, however, are amazing, and a blast, and employing the little guys almost wherever I want in the field, and getting Blood Fury on them, is hilarious.


  1. That was a funny and fun report to read. I think it shows the separation between those who post battle reports to show something clever about their play versus those who enjoy the process of battle reporting when even short games like this are published.

    I have to ask - is that a normal amount of terrain for WarmaHordes? It looks rather sparse to me.

    The pictures are great and really add to how easy it is to understand the flow of the game. Thanks for posting.

    1. Lol, thanks. There were some roaring triumphs on both sides... but the last one was the best, and it wasn't mine. Still, Gallows will shut down your day in a hurry.

      This particular setup was pretty sparse. The shop we met in focuses on 40k, so we had a difficult time finding terrain suitable to wm/h, so it was fairly open.