Monday, April 21, 2014

50pts pButcher (Khador) vs. eDoomy (Trollbloods)

Another weekend rolls around, and I get 2 more games in. This one, and an eMadrak vs. Stryker2 (mirror match, you know?). My opponent had 2 lists, and I have no idea what the other one was, but in my brilliance, I decided I wanted to try the eDoomy brick again without looking at his list at all.

*Mt. King
Sons of Bragg

vs. pButcher. Cool right?

*War Dog
Men of War Demolition Corp
Kayazy Assassins w/ Underboss
Kayazy Eliminators
Kayazy Eliminators
Doom Reavers w/ UA
Ayaina & Holt

Pretty awesome huh? DEF17 tarpit against everyone's favorite RAT/MAT5 colossal. This is gonna be awesome. So he wins the rolloff, puts the widowmakers on the far left knowing that I'm going to be pushing right to take advantage of the woods I have there (Earthborn animus is great stuff in the forest). The MoW are center with Behemoth and Butcher and the Kayazy go to the right to head directly towards me.

I brick up, slightly to the right. The sons are to the left, more to his center, and everything else is behind eDoomy and his beast line, with the King on the left. Mulg and EBDT are to the right, again, closer to the woods.

He drops the doom reavers, and it's game on. Behemoth gets one to the regular cortex, and everything runs with the exception of butcher, who puts Iron Flesh on the Kayazy. This is the point where I realize I might be in serious trouble.

I also remember to start taking pics.

Mt. King moves up with Mulg, riling for the appropriate number of fury, and the EBDT moves up and puts his animus on one of them. Doomy puts Refuge on the EBDT, Wild Agression on the King, and the EBDT animus (Transmute) onthe King as well (for free), and dumps 2 fury to the stone. The Sons move up, do a 4+ tough, Janissa pops a wall, and the stone moves up and drops aura, getting everyone.

Butcher upkeeps Iron Flesh, and allocates 3 to the Behemoth sub-cortex. Kayazy push forward, and the Doomreavers run to engage me, which bothers me not at all. Widowmakers pump 4 auto-damage shots into the King, who drops 2 whelps, and a unit of Eliminators goes wide on a flank. Everyone else runs forward, except Behemoth who walks forward and is a hair out of range of the King.

Pull in fury, upkeep both WA and refuge. Mt. King twists and sweeps the three doomreavers engaging him, and hits all three, but 1 toughs. He then uses Killshot and sprays the rest of the unit, hitting all three, but only one failing tough. The UA and one doomy are KD though.

The Earthborn charges off after the Kayazy eliminators on the flank, but fails to engage either one of them. He's in the woods, but he has no LOS to anything else in the Khador army.

Mulg shuffles over next to the King, and kills the remaining Doom reavers. The Sons of Bragg move up. Doomy drops the EBDT animus on the King and Mulg both, dumps all but one to the stone. Janissa does her stuff. The two whelps run to stand in the way of things and be annoying.

Kayazy are terribly annoying. Acrobatics, parry, all of it? One AOE wielding beast, and this would have been a mute issue. War Wagon, Bomber, something. Nothing. Butcher upkeeps Iron Flesh again, and puts 3 on the Behemoth again. Subcortex.

The Eliminators on my right charge right past the Earthborn, and engage Doomy, but completely whuff their damage rolls, only doing like, 8 boxes to him. The Widowmakers shoot 4 shots into my double-sword Son of Bragg. I think the Men of War smash the whelps, just getting them with reach, and the Kayazy run to engage the Mt. King. Nothing big, just swallowing him up. Behemoth fires some shots, doing moderate damage, but nothing crazy. The Doomreavers stand up and run away.

Kayazy in melee are DEF16, against melee, not ranged. Add in Iron Flesh, and they are DEF19. I'm in some serious trouble. Doomy upkeeps everything and pulls in fury. The sons of bragg start with Fervor, and Wrathar misses his melee attack, and Tor walks up and sprays 7 of theses dudes. At RAT8, he hits.... 1. Because he wasn't trying for melee attacks, and he ignores Melee penalties, he only needed 9s. I got 1.

Doomy boosts to hit and swings at a Kayazy engaging him, and misses of course. He keeps the rest for transfers, but feats. The Mt. King twists, sweeps, and even with everything boosted, I need 14s to hit. I get 2 of them. With Killshot, I miss everything. Mulg twists and tries to clear off eDoomy, but simply can't, and even boosting to hit, I think he kills just 1.

The EBDT, however, is the hero today. Standing on a forest template, with +2 SPD there from Transmute, +3 SPD from Doomy's feat, +3 for the trample I'm about to do for free (also feat) and base SPD5, the EBDT tramples 13'' into the Men of War, and kills two, goads, and kills 1 more, the Refuges 10'' back into the woods. It was hilarious. I was really happy with the Earthborn.

Janissa drops a wall, trying to stop as many Kayazy from reaching doomy as possible, but it's pretty much pointless. Stone pops Aura, and I call it a day.

Butcher puts 3 focus on Behemoth sub cortex, drops Iron Flesh, and feats (Extra Dice damage for everyone), and puts Fury (+3 Damage) on the Kayazy.

Behemoth cranks some damage into the King, and the Kayazy attack him, and kill him in pretty short order. The Widowmakers make Widows of the Daughters-in-Law of Bragg. A couple of Kayazy get the charge on EBDT with the Doom Reaver that's left, and murder him, and two more get past Mulg, and between them and the sidestepping Eliminators, kill eDoomy. Janissa got hit in there too and toughed, but none of that mattered by the time Doomy died.

Also, note that Mulg is not dead, he's simply setting to the side because there wasn't room for him under the King's giant arm. The blue base is there to denote his presence.

Thoughts on the game:

There's two ways I could have won this.
1. I didn't realize how far my EBDT was going to get. At that point, I was pretty sure I was done for, and I just wanted to see what the Earthborn could do, especially since he failed me in the last Doomy brick game. What I SHOULD have done was trample behind the first Man of War, instead of in front to engage 2 of them at once. Kill the one dude, goad, and spend the next 4 fury trying to kill Butcher. I would have had... 3 fury to do it with? He was ARM20 (including the 2 focus I see in the pic), with a POW8 weapon to be adapted by the Earthborn. PS would have been Dice even. Would have needed 8s to hit, and have to do 20 damage in 3 rolls. Average rolls would get me the damage, but the chances of me missing one of those attacks were pretty high. If I could have gotten Wild Agression on him, it'd of been a done deal, but don't think I had the range on that.

2. Looking back, I screwed up running Mulg hot. I ran him to 5 fury, and left it that way. The way my Opponent eliminated stuff was weird because he never worried about the stone first, even though I think he had ways to reach it (fricking Kayazy). If he'd of dropped the stone first, he'd of had a much easier time killing things. The other thing he did that was weird was kill the Mt. King first. The Mt. King was the only beast I did Not run full fury on, and was therefore the only beast I could have transfered to. When the King died, Doomy had like, 6 fury to transfer with, but no where to go with it, and only a handful of attacks to make it through. If Doomy could have transfered to either the EBDT (I doubt I'd of left him low on fury) or Mulg (More possible), he could have survived, and Mulg was easily in range of killing Butcher. Now, who's to say that if I had left Mulg open a bit, if he wouldn't have focused on killing Mulg. Quite possible, but I think he would have struggled considerably with it at ARM21, and not many Kayazy attacks left.

3. My last turn, I didn't get the EBDT animus on ANYTHING. At the very least, I should have got it on Doomy himself for some extra ARM, but I didn't.

4. Overall, good game, and there were definitely some ways I could have won that if I'd of had my head on straight. My opponent played a great game, and the eliminators way out on the flanks was annoying as heck. There just wasn't enough of my models to deal with all the avenues of attack he had, but that's what his list is for, and he played it awesome. Great game, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

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