Saturday, April 19, 2014

Trollblood War Wagon based and painted

  Finally finished the War Wagon.  I've been piecemealing it together for two months.  By the time I glued it to it's base yesterday, I was fed up with it and ready to finish it.  It still turned out good, but I didn't do any of the excessive modding I had in mind, with the exception of the base.  

  The base is a lot of ballast rocks glued in under corkboark and drybrushed in a determined manner.

   I then proceeded to lay in a bit of clear window caulk, which lays in white, and drys clear.

  Drybrush a bit, leaving a shadow.

  Testing the wagon, which I based orange at first.  Anything with lots of metal, I've been basing orange, then drybrushing my metal on, which gives me a fantastic rusted look that I like a lot.

  Water wasn't deep enough, so I added another layer.

  Then I drybrushed it again, added grass, and called it pretty much done.  


  I don't have any wips on the wagon, but it took forever.  I magnetized the gun to it's base for ease of storage... like... a month ago when my brother was magnetizing his Myrmidons.  This thing has been on my painting bench for awhile...

  That's it for this one. Mulg is 80% done, my Sons of Bragg and Kithkar are 90%.  I'm right there, I just keep bouncing back to this project and it's completed finally.  Stay tuned, I've got 2 batreps coming, eDoomy vs. pButcher and eMadrak vs. Stryker2.  

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