Monday, March 17, 2014

Custom-based Janissa finished on the painting table.

  Got in some more painting this weekend, and a few games.  Painting table first.

  This was really fun to paint, and model, although the glue was terrible.  I put the base together... Friday, and the glue is just now coming off of my fingers.  The base and snake are both corkboard.  I layered the podium up about 3 pieces tall with brass rods through the middle for support and planted a rock on top. For the snake, I ran a long wire around the base as you can see, and drilled holes in tiny chunks of corkboard, slotting them on one at a time and glueing a lot.  Like, a lot.  Probably 3$ of glue in that base.  The last rock, I greystuffed on.  Then, with a fresh layer of glue, I dipped the whole thing in hobby lobby ballast to attract the gravel and hide a lot of the corkboard joints.  Then I base coated everything.  The main rocks and Janissa got black, and everything else got blue.

 After that, I drybrushed everything, and painted her.  Really like how she turned out.

  I did her wall the other way around.  First, I greystuffed rocks to a wide popsicle stick, glued the basde and strips on the rocks, dipped in ballast again.  Then I based black, drybrushed it in a few shades, working up to white.  Then I made a real watery light blue ink and washed the whole thing, then drybrushed white back in.  I like it.  Not as much as her base, but I think it fits with her.  It's really hard to evoke the sense of this not being a normal rock wall, that there's a power behind this, forcing these stones up out of the ground.  I don't think I got it, but the blue helps with the setting.  Either it puts it as "This is Magical" or "This belongs in an aquarium."  Haven't decided yet.

 Also finished my Mauler.  This is the one I magnetized earlier. I haven't painted the other parts yet.

  And my Stormtroll.  I opted not to do the Tartan on this guy, but I really do like how he turned out.  The Stormtroll is a model that I don't think goes in all of my lists, but he shows up a lot because I love the model.

 I managed to get a few games in over the weekend.  The Charsaug league is in full swing right now (Who's excited for eBorka's polar bear?  Huh?  Huh?  I think I'll greystuff it into a grizzly...) so I got one game in against a Purist, and another against a guy not in the league.  First off was a 35pt Venethrax list, against which I dropped pGrim.

  It was over pretty quick.  They Nyss got hurt pretty bad by the Bane Knights and Withershadow combine, and I still had two jacks coming in.  His big mistake though was putting Deathjack behind the woods, and letting me tie him up with Fenns.  The second mistake was leaving a charge lane for my Earthborn, who I put on the opposite side of the woods.  pGrim moved up, feated, shot Venethrax with headhunter for the "Bait the line" effect, and my Earthborn (toed into the woods for +2 movement) charged 12'' and killed him on the last Fury.

  The second game was a weird Karchev list...  I brought eMadrak back to the table.  It was pretty brutal.  Blood furied Fenns/Champions apparently eat Khador jacks for lunch. They killed the Spriggan, the Chainsaw jack (whatever that one is) and a Kodiak, while picking off the MoW Demo guys until Karchev went all in for a charge at Madrak and failed to get within range.

  Overall, I'm loving the completely different playstyle trolls bring to the table, and I'm loving the painting. Check back in, I've got a Mt King, Sons of Bragg and a War Wagon, and my Fenns, all on the painting table yet.  My wife also grabbed eSorscha and Valachev, so I expect to be losing a game here shortly.

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