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50pts Rhyas (Legion) vs. eMadrak (Trollbloods)

Got a few games in on Friday, both against Legion. There for awhile, it seemed like every game I played was against Legion, but I haven't actually played against them much lately. I haven't missed them. It's also a new game. I felt like Cygnar was pretty decently set up against Legion. I could stand a decent chance of shooting a beast off of the board per turn. Trollbloods don't have that same ability nearly as readily available as Cygnar does. So I was excited to face off against Legion some more. I couldn't really think of casters to bring. I almost bought Jarl, but then realized that clouds help me not at all against most Legion lists (Would have been great for this one, but ok). I knew I wanted to play eMadrak once, because he's definitely in one of my lists, and the other one would probably be pGrim. He decided on bringing Rhyas, and I settled on Madrak for the first matchup.

*Naga Bolt Thrower (Proxied by the Naga Soldier)
Nyss Swordsmen w/UA
Ogrun Warspears w/ UA
Nyss Raptors
Anyssa Ryvall
Spawning Vessel

For eMadrak, I brought pretty generally the same list I've been playing, with the exception of the Champions. I dropped the Champions in favor of the new box of Long Riders I was fortunate to land during a fire sale. (Half off, yo), and swapped them in there. I want Horthol in the near future, and that'll be a straight swap with the Storm Troll.

*Slag Troll
Fenns w/UA
Long Riders
Min KSB w/ Elder
Sons of Bragg
Fell Caller

He won the roll off, finally. We tied three times. He elected to go first and set up. Most of his infantry went left, and his Cavalry and Warspears went right. I setup kind of weird, putting the Long Riders opposite of the swordsmen, and sending the Fenns after the heavy stuff on the right. My reasoning was that with Blood Fury, my Fenns could kill anything, so I dropped the hard hitters against the Swordsmen which, I hoped, would struggle against ARM17 8 box models.

He started off. Typhon ran forward as far as he could. Rhyas moved up behind him, cast Rapport on him (He gets her excellent MAT/RAT) and dropped Dash, giving everyone in her control range 1'' SPD. Then everything ran. The Warspears and Anyssa both put Prey on my Fennblades.

Moses (runebearer) put a cheaper spell down for Madrak. The slag ran forward. The Impaler shuffled up, but put Far Strike (snipe) on the Stormtroll first. The Stormtroll moved up, shot at a raptor, hit, did minimal damage, and arced just once, doing nothing. Madrak put Blood Fury down on the Fenns for 1 fury, dropped the rest to the stone and moved foward to be in line with the Slag and Impaler. The Stone moved up and popped aura, and the Elder put down no continuous effects. The Fenns minifeated and charged, and only one was in melee, which he missed. And they passed their CMD.

The sons of Bragg moved up, did +4 tough, and the Fell caller, WHO I SHOULD HAVE ACTIVATED BEFORE THE FENNS, moved up and did nothing... Janissa moved up and dropped a wall, and the Long Riders ran and spread out.

Rhyas upkept Rapport and pulled in her fury. The Raptors started off, and shot the fenns, including the one in Melee. Every one of them hit, and every one of them killed with poison (extra dice damage), and Anyssa herself killed 2. No toughs. The Warspears assaulted, and I finally got two or three toughs there, but then Typhon moved up and killed everything that was left of them. Not a particularly wonderful start. The Swordsmen run and get into their 3 man groups to make use of Defensive line. Rhyas shuffles around, and the Vessel cries about not being close enough to the fenns to collect souls.

Not a great start for me. I pull in my Fury and uh, don't upkeep Blood Fury. I start off with the Storm troll, who moves to the right and launches a shot into the nearest Ogrun and boosts damage. The eleaps don't do anything, and I only manage to damage the Ogrun. I can't remember all of the activations here, but between the Slag, Tor's spray (sons of Bragg) and the impaler, I kill the three Legionairres on the back right, and the Slag gets his +2 damage Animus on the Kithkar.

The Rune bearer slips forward, and barely has range to the Kithkar. Always bring a Kithkar to a Madrak fight. I love that little 2pt solo. He gets Blood Fury on him, and the Kithkar charges the Ogrun UA and kills him easily, and puts damage on another one with the second attack.

The Long Riders send 2 in for a charge (not bull rush), and they kill one, maybe two. The Legionairres are fairly decent DEF atm, but their ARM is pretty handy as well, so the Impacts don't do terribly much. I get one or two.

Madrak charges the nearest Legionairre, kills him, and feats. If you're not aware of his feat, everything in his control area makes an attack at everything in his Melee range. So, he kills the 2 he's engaged with, and pulls in 3 fury for the guy he killed on the charge, and the 2 he feated on. The two Long Riders kill everything they're engaging except the Legionairre UA. All of the ranged beasts I have get an extra attack from feat, but there's nothing in range, so I don't worry about it. The Kithkar, however, between Blood Fury and the Slag animus, murders every single Warspear he's in melee with, leaving one just out of reach.

Madrak takes the 2 fury he got from the feat kills, and moves 2'' back because of Tide of Death. He casts Warpath, puts Blood Fury on the sons, drops a fury, keeps 2, and puts another on the Stone. The KSB moves up, pops aura, Janissa drops a wall, and the Fell Caller moves up. I think I actually got that wrong, I think the Fell Caller got War Cry onto Madrak earlier (Plus 2 to attack rolls).

Not a bad feat turn, but now Madrak's far enough up the board that he has to die, or he'll probably get range on something and tide of death into Rhyas. Madrak's got 5 Grim Salvation targets, and 2 fury. He's also DEF18 behind the wall and ARM19 because of the stone.

The Legionairre UA has Vengeance, and kills a Long rider. Rapport is upkept, and Anyssa starts the game. She shoots the Kithkar in the back and kills him. The Raptors move up and put their shots into the Slag, but fail to do significant damage. Rhyas feats, kills a Long Rider, and runs away. Her feat is kinda wierd. If your model hits it's target, it get to flip anywhere base to base with it, and gets another attack. Kinda handy, but doesn't help the ranged game at all.

The Legionairre UA charges, hits the Imapler, and kills a KSB dude. Typhon walks up and sprays Madrak and KSBs 3 times. I get a few toughs, but at the end of this, between sprays and Grim Salvation, my KSB and Janissa are all dead.

In all of this, the Spawning vessel has gotten enough souls, and has a Shredder. The overall goal is to force Madrak to grim salvation/transfer enough times that the rabid shredder can kill him. The last ranged unit is the Bolt Thrower. He moves, boosts to hit and actually hits, and Crits.... The Crit effect is a slam. It KDs madrak, but slides him far enough to place the Runebearer within Grim Salvation range, and I think I've still got a transfer left... The other thing is now for the Shredder to get into melee with me, he'll be outside of Rhyas's control range... So the Shredder hits the Slag troll instead and kills him. I let the fury go, because I was running hot anyways. Rhyas has 0 fury between buying attacks and boosting and such.

So the wall goes away. Madrak drops Warpath, and spends a Fury to upkeep. Moses stands up and gives him a cheaper spell, but it's pretty pointless at this point. The Impaler kills the Legionairre UA, and the Fell Caller gives Madrak +2 to hit, and Madrak charges a Vessel Acolyte. He hits, kills, takes a fury, spends it to Tide of death and starts working his way through models. He kills three before he's in range of Rhyas, but she's behind the pillar and gets cover. This is my mistake, I should have tide of deathed around the whole vessel, killed all of the acolytes (they're easy to kill) until I landed on a side of Rhyas that didn't get cover. Instead, I boost to hit, do solid damage, and she transfers it to Typhon for free, because affinity or something. I buy, miss, buy, needing 9s to hit, connect and do decent damage, leaving her at 7 boxes.

My long riders charge, but exactly 0 of them have range. Again, if I'd tide of deathed the Vessel Acolytes out of the way, it may have been different. The Sons of Bragg can't do much, they're tied up by the shredd, but I take the chance, move up with Tor and take a free strike. He actually makes it, takes a shot with Fervor and the spray, and misses Rhyas.

My Storm troll is the only thing left... So I move up, shoot the Naga Bolt thrower, boosting to hit, and get 3 electro leaps. Rhyas is the closest model, and I boost damage, needing a 12.

I roll a 13, and kill her. The final electro leap hits Madrak, but doesn't get anywhere close to killing him.

Thoughts on the game:

That was way closer than I expected. I think the order of activations killed Legion there. The chances of Crit aren't great, but he should have started with that one when Madrak was in the group of dudes. The slam would have kept him well within range of Rhyas's control, and taken a few Grim Salvations with it. Also, shooting the Slag with the Raptors was weird, because it didn't do anything to remove Grim Salvation targets. In fact, it helped in that I would have frenzied without it. I think a good chunk of the reason I won this game is because of my opponent's unfamiliarity with Madrak.

I should have Tide of Deathed more. I also am too cautious with my Long Riders. They weren't able to do much simply because they were way back with the exception of those two.

Anyways, comments, questions, have at it! Thanks for reading.

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