Sunday, July 26, 2015

Finished Phantasmal Croak Raiders

 Finished the Croak Raiders finally.  This was a long, drug out process.  I started with hollowing out the bases, getting Hirst Arts into them, and filling them with scenic effects water, which I will never use for anything important again.  Shrinks horrible, unevenly, and bubbles badly.  It's ok for a swamp, but I'm glad this wasn't for a display piece.

  If you want to skip right to the rest of the pics, scroll on down.  For wips, keep reading.

  I went big on these guys.  I've been wanting to do the hollow base thing for awhile.  So I cut the middle out of all of them with an exacto knife.  Took a few passes and some careful placement of fingers to keep from losing them, but it could be done.  I glued the empty chassis to thin plasticard and filled under the lips with milliput, which is a cheap, terrible version of Greenstuff.

  Dropped some small bits of Hirst Arts into the bases, glued them in. 

Then I begin filling up the bases.  Real thin layers of the water effects tinted green over the course of probably four days.  Painted the bricks and elmer glued some tallgrass effects in.

  Then I began painting the croaks.  I fully meant to prime them with gesso for the texture, and I forgot....   Would have been perfect for this texture though.  This is the Phantasmal Poison Dart frog.

  I ran with the white stripes, but varied it quite a bit.  

  I didn't know what color I wanted the arrows to be, so I checked out birds in that same eco system, and ran with Yellow Orioles.  That leads us into these.  Touch them up, add OSL from the flames, glue them to the bases, gloss finish the skin on the frog and call it a day.

My favorite patterns on these guys, based on the Phantasmal Poison Dart frog.

  That's it for these guys.  Really looking forward to putting them on the table with anyone and everyone.


  1. They look great! I can't wait to see them in person!

    1. Oh you will, and then you'll be less excited.

  2. I stumbled across your blog as I am about to paint a couple of Croak Raiders. I love your paint scheme and the finished product. I would like to feature your Croak Raiders in my online hobby magazine, The Golden D6 ( please get in touch if you're interested.