Sunday, January 4, 2015

Borka2 painted

And back to our regularly scheduled Trollbloods.  I bulked up the sides of the bear's head and added a hump just before the saddle, trying to go for more of a grizzly look.  Pictures are still phone pics, still getting packed into the house.

I got to put him on the table weekend before last.  Cryx w/ Scaverous.  I ran two Axers, Rok, Mulg, a Bouncer and full Highwaymen.  KSB, Whelps and Runebearer in there too.  Not an ideal matchup for Borka2, but countercharge is pretty ridiculous.  The Highwaymen actually didn't do a lot for me since A) They can't touch stealth, and B) My opponent left them on the other side of the board.  They did great against other stuff, but mainly they tarpitted, and every once in awhile, CRAed against something hi-DEF.  The key moments in the game were Tartarus charging into a perfect thresher zone, only to be countercharged and one-shotted by Borka2.  Rok primaled and killed Deathjack with ease.  Um, an Axer and Rok both killed multiple banes on the countercharge, on my opponent's turn... Yeah.  So, I don't think Borka2 is super competitive yet, but he's hella fun to play.  Countercharge is only reason to play him I think.  The feat helps protect a lot on the way end, but Countercharge is pretty handy when you have 6 models on the table that you have to gamble against for a single charge.  2 Axers to thresher, Borka and Rok to assault.  On top of that, with the KSB in play, Borka2 is DEF14/ARM20, and with Mulg gets to walk up and beat things up every time you try to break that ARM20 number.  The one chance my opponent really had to mess Borka up, he had to spend his stack tking things around Mulg so Protective Fit didn't win me the game.  The assassination attempt failed, and Rok ate Scaverous, but it was a good shot.  I really like his model, and I enjoy playing him.

  I don't know if I can fit him into my 2 list matchup, but if I get bored with Madrak2... maybe.  The thing right now though is that I have Madrak2, Jarl, and Grim2.  Obviously, that's not going to work in a 2 list, and what happens is that Jarl and Madrak2 go, and I just hope that I don't land Cryx, and if I do, it's not one or two specific players and I can handle it with Jarl.  Generally, Madrak2 handles Khador, Skorne, Menoth (Except Harby), Trolls, Convergence and anything that looks like I'm facing high ARM or dudespam   Jarl handles Cygnar, Legion, Circle, Cryx.  I don't ever see Ret in my meta, but probably Jarl gets them too.  Jarl mainly comes along because Cygnar outshoots Grim2, and wipes out Madrak2 long before he shows up.  With Borka2, that's not going to happen, and he can handle most of the same stuff Madrak2 can, and Grim2 can get what's left in the cracks while at the same time dominating Cryx.  So we'll see...

  I'm also super excited that I got 3rd place in a 12 contestant tournament, so... strategic advice from me is hilarious.

  Hey, exciting things:

  Dynamo is assembled, based, and awaiting basecoat, and.... that's probably it for awhile until I've got my den built.  I broke the guns off of my Cyclone, and I'm going to grab a hammer from a friend or a bits store and make a second Ironclad.  I have two minutemen now, the two Ironclads, Dynamo...  And Kraye.  Plus stuff.  It's going to be fun for like, two weeks, and then I'll be mad I have no good medium based infantry, and be back to trolls.

  So yeah.  There's the update.  Look forward to painted Highwaymen... and stuff.

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