Sunday, December 21, 2014

Warpborn Alpha - Secret Santa

  We're moved into the house.  I've unpacked my Cygnar, Circle, Khador and what little I have of Menoth from the 2 Player box on a shelf in my very uncompleted den.  It's not much progress, but the more important aspects of the house are coming along nicely.

  In the midst of that move though, the Secret Santa we had in our local group started getting near it's deadline (Being Christmas, but most of us aren't going to see anyone after this last Saturday until new years).  The online random generator landed me a guy that just joined the group, bringing Circle and he wanted either a Warpborn Alpha, or something else.  A Wilder I think.  I chose the Warpborn for purely painting reasons, and picked it up a couple of weeks ago.

  Then I lost it.

  So now I've bought two.  When I find the first one, that's great because my Wife will play it.  The model is kind of a pain to assemble, but it's pretty cool when it's done, and I don't mind how it turned out.  Pardon the photo setup.  Again, I haven't had a chance to really do much in my "studio", so this is straight up, unedited pictures shot from my phone outside.

  Soon enough I'll be back into it full swing and we'll see some more updates.  For now, enjoy your holidays!  Merry Christmas.

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