Thursday, November 27, 2014

Reposed Braylen Wanderheart painted, with Fell Caller to boot.

A friend of mine grabbed Braylen for me at WMW.  I love the model, but don't care for the dual-wielding position.  It's crowded, and as an experienced shooter, I've got no use for shooting that way.  I changed it up enough to look a little more realistic, but that's about it.

  I cut the arm at the glove wrappings, drilled in a wire to both sides and sculpted around it with Greystuff from PP.  I prefer that to Greenstuff from Citadel so far.  Mainly because the solidifier (the dark grey) doesn't bloody stick to every tool in your box like the blue in the Greenstuff does.

  So, Braylen, finished:

   At the same time, I finished my Fell Caller as well, the guy I've been doing metal tutorials on.

  And Gunslingers.  Jarl's almost finished.  I keep losing steam on him. And Gunnbjorn doesn't count as a gunslinger because I don't own him yet.

  That's it for today.  Happy Thanksgiving!  We're in the process of moving here shortly, and I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks remodeling the important aspects of the house, and then in turn, my Den.  I've got a two-room area I'm converting into an all out Office/War room/Den area.  Mancave, if you will.  So it'll be busy.  Won't be many games, or painting, but the return will be amazing and I'll have a full out lighting setup, and painting corner, and game table right in the middle.  It'll be glorious.  Thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday!

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