Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NMM/Flake Part II: Silver/Steel

  I got this project started, and then my Mountain King took full priority.  I don't know why, but I figured while the momentum was there, I'd get him done.  Then I got Braylen Wanderheart, and started working on her.  I hit the metal on her, and decided to finish the Fell Caller's metal too, and this tutorial.

  So.  Here we go.  I've tried to mke the metals work for a long time, and I've never felt like they looked very good.  Never bad, but just not what I wanted when you use them as your primary color.  They're great drybrushed, but not as just your color.

  I'm starting with a black, and I'll mix 1:1 with gunmetal.

  Now we'll dabble in just a little grey.  Vallejo-wise, is Stonewall Grey.  Probably 2:2:1.

  More stonewall grey.  Getting into a 1:1:1 ratio.  This is also where I took a break, and picked him up again, thus the background change.

 I'm trying to pick on the upper half of his armor, and I'm trying to create a conflicting gradient on the sword blades.  At this point, blending is getting difficult, and the ammount of paint you're mixing is kind of ridiculous.  To change the hue you have to add enough paint to change the whole pot, so you may be better off starting another pot with a lot less paint.  We're going to Gunmetal, Grey, black, 2:2:1 with a little retarder thrown in.  Also, I'm starting to get into a basic 2 brush blend.  One brush is my color, the other brush is basically water.  I'll hit a spot with water real quick (not much, just enough to dampen it), and then paint it, then blend again with the water brush.

  Starting to get lighter.  I'm not touching the backplane of the armor anymore, just the protruded edges.  Really trying to get a good gradient on the outer rim and on the sword blade.  At this point, my black is pretty much out of the blend completely and I'm doing 2:1 gunmetal and grey.  The metal actually darkens the grey enough at this point.  

  At this point I'm mixing a little white into the pot.  2:2:1 Grey, gunmetal white.  What you're seeing is the exact same lighting as everything else, but the metal seems like it's reflecting it.  It's not.  This is the paint color.  It's the goal here.  For the last one, I do a white silver (Plata Silver for Vallejo) at 1:1 and touch the very tops of what I'm shading.  I end up watering it a down a bit and dragging it back across a lot of the blend translucently enough that I don't hide any of my work, but I brighten it.  Then I go pure silver and do just a little bit of edging.  If you've ever basecoated a model, and then played it in a game, you've seen the wear on the corners and edges that takes it back down to metal.  That's what you're trying to replicate essentially.

I also did Braylen simultaneously.

  And there it is.  I hope this has helped a little bit, or pointed out a few things.  If you give it a shot, let me know and shoot me results!

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