Sunday, October 25, 2015

50pts Kaya2 vs. Doomy3 Tier 3.

  One of our local circle players got convinced to stay and play a game into D3.  The guy driving the car basically sacrificed him to the game.  He added a few points to his Kaya2 list and away we went.

*Druid Wilder
Max Bloodtrackers w/UA
Stones w/UA
Reeve Hunter
Tharn White Mane Ravager

My list is the same Doomy3 list I've been playing

*Mountain King
Max KSB w/UA
Max Burrowers
2x Whelps

  I won the rolloff and deployed.  He counter deployed.  With this much battlegroup, everything is pretty central.

  My Burrowers run and go left.  He has little to no shooting, so I chance it.  The Axer runs to the hill on the right, Mulg runs to the hill on the left.  D3 puts Rush on the King, casts Implacability and dumps the rest to the stone.  Mt. King runs 16'' into the right zone.  He's ARM23 under Tier benefits and Stone for round 1.

  Bloodtrackers prey my Axer.  Everything else runs for the most part.  He's on his back foot with the King that far up the table.  Kaya hangs in the back, gets Forced Evo on Ghetorix, and everything just moves up. The bloodtrackers move to the right zone, and don't damage anything significantly, but they reform back and tuck a tracker on either side of the King and one in front.  I can trample to Ghetorix with the Mt. King, but I don't want to lose both initials either.

  Doomshaper3 moves up onto the hill.  The Bloodtrackers are something I can't deal with much atm, and I know a few are in range of him next turn but since he's feating, I decide to weather it.  Doomshaper feats, and the scroll does Signs and Portents in case I need the Burrowers to kill trackers.  I also want to try to kill the Tracker on the hill, but it's engaged with Mulg, so I end up filling the stone instead, casting Implacability and admonition on Mulg.  KSB pops aura, moves up and pops it and does +1 STR.

  The Axer charges into the Bloodtrackers near the King, and misses both, needing boosted 8s. I buy, boost on the one that definitely.  Four dice to hit, finally clear that one.  The Mt. King charges into Ghetorix, and hits the initial, does 11 or 12 damage.  The assault misses everything behind except the Gorax, which he does a four or five damage to.  The second initial goes into the bloodtracker blocking Mulg.  Boost, kill, and the Killshot misses everything again, except the Gorax, where I do another four or five damage.  Then I buy another shot on Ghet and do another six or seven damage.

  Mulg now goes, and charges Ghet.  I take a counter slam from the Gnarlhorn, but it does little to no damage, and Mulg can't be slammed.  Mulg finishes Ghetorix with the first swing, puts the second initial into the Gnarlhorn and over the next couple of attacks, finishes it as well.  I ended his activation at 4 fury, and the Doomshaper affinity extra hit finished the Gnarlhorn.  The Burrowers burrow, I run a few whelps into the left zone, and that's turn.

  Kaya2 isn't super excited about the King in her face.  She moves into the zone, puts Forced Evo on the Stalker and casts Muzzle at Mulg.  She does land it, and boosts damage.  So now Mulg can not advance towards Kaya2.  She then feats.  The Reeve hunter shoots down a bunch of whelps, including the one behind Mulg, and the ones contesting the zone.  

  The Stalker charged into the Mountain King, and Mulg moves back a bit, then Admonition expires.  The Stalker ends up doing about a third of damage to the King, two and three boxes at a time after a dice less damage and the regen.  Then he ports back.  Bloodtrackers move further into the right zone and do no damage to the Axer, even though most of them hit.

  Everything else runs into the left zone.  He dominates for 2CP.

  The split scenario isn't working in my favor at the moment, but he's nearly out of things that can kill the King or Mulg, so if I remove the Stalker, it's probably game even though it will take four turns to remove Bloodtrackers.  So, two whelps go away to deal with the Axer's fury and some of the King's while D3 takes the rest.  Burrowers pop up all over the left zone, mostly in back arcs. 

  Doomshaper moves up.  Scrolls do the psuedo lamentation, and D3 does Implacability and puts Amuck on the King.  I would have liked to have repudiated the Forced Evo, but I felt I was safer to just try and have the King go for it.  Mulg backs up.  The Mountain king walks forward, buys a headbutt.  I need an 11, which on my dice that day, had yet to happen.  I had missed 2d6 6s, three in a row, and boosted sevens, eights and nines all day.  I handed my dice to a proxy roller, he called a 14, rolled, and got a 14.


  With the Stalker knocked down, the King puts him in the dirt easily.  Killshots the Gorax again and buys an attack on the Whiteman Ravager, and kills him.  Axer moves to the right and swings on some Bloodtrackers, only kills 1.  Burrowers put some decent damage on Laris, kill the Reeve solo

 My opponent goes after the axer with the Bloodtrackers, but it doesn't hardly do anything.  With that, he decides to step back and call it.  His hope was to score that zone, but with the Axer tanking it, there's not any reason to keep going.

  Thoughts on the game:

1.  I think super High-Def is a shut out for me.  I got really lucky with the KD on the Stalker, and I was really struggling against Ghetorix.  Mulg only needed boosted 9s, but it was close on some cases.  DEF16 beasts are an issue, and I think a Kromac2 Druid list will pretty nearly end me with -4 MAT if he positions correctly.  This would be one reason to try going outside of the tier.  The issue is that I still really like the Mt. King, and what I'd be giving up in tier is trying to get Victor in with Lynus/Edrea for some accurate KD.  That's dropping the burrowers, and most of my tarpit.  Idk how I feel about that.  Otherwise, I'm dropping the King for... I don't know what all.  Maybe Rok?  The SP10 is pretty crucial to removing support I don't have access to otherwise.

2.  Ghetorix was too close.  The Mt. King was well within charge range, without even needing Rush.  If Ghetorix goes down, my game gets much easier.  Much much easier.  He could have filled it with bloodtrackers, and I would have had to goad into him.

3.  The Gnarlhorn wasn't in melee range with me at the beginning, but after the counterslam, he was, and then he died.

Pretty onesided game.  I like getting that far up the table turn 1.  On a central zone, it's pretty solid.  On a split zone like this, I like it less, but it's still good.  I get to dictate a lot of terms with it.  The issue is still the Mt. King, if he can hit.  Mat5 is brutal.  He's great against lots of infantry until they're like, Iron Fleshed kayazy or something.  Then we have issues.  We'll see.  I'm still working it out right now.

Hope you enjoyed this batrep.  I have a small tournament next week that will take me out of D3 for a bit since I don't have his actual model, but after that, we're going.  Enjoy your week!

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  1. Nice report JD, enjoyed reading it. Really liked the photos too, they don't do justice to ur MK tho!