Saturday, September 26, 2015

Druid Gone Modest and an IFP Kovnik finished

Short update here.  Couple of solo commissions finished.

  The IFP Kovnik is a model I've really wanted to paint for awhile.  I love me a cape and a dynamic pose, so when this opportunity came up, I was pretty excited about it.  He turned out fairly well.  There were some mitigatable primer issues.  The primer got on pretty grainy, and made blending really difficult.  I'm still figuring out what priming issues were there, and that will come out in my next article.

  The Druid Gone Wilder is another model I've been wanting to paint for a long time.  A good friend of mine got ahold of one and requested that I paint it, which I jumped on.  The difference here is that since he's a youth pastor, he wanted a bit more modest of a model. So, I added a shawl of sorts.  I think, and  dropped the bra thing down to her waist.  I had to pull some help in from my wife here and concept something that went with the outfit, but I'm pretty happy with what we got. The other request was for Mountain Dew, instead of beer.

  This model turned out really well.  Her face got blended really well I thought, and the stone face turned out amazing.  My blending level has to improve, and I've been working on developing that through water blending and it shows here I think very well.  Where I'm still struggling is metals in some areas, and creating fine detail out of a mold that doesn't exist.  Trying to create something out of the head area of the staff was pretty bewildering and while I'm ok with what I got, the blade itself doesn't look how I'd like it to.  Her head crown, and large details in her clothes I'm pleased with, but some of the finer detail was difficult to translate.  It's an area I need to continue to improve on.

   Those are the updates for today.  I have the 2nd part of article in route for Assembling and Priming a model.  I started writing it this week and need to collect pictures to illustrate it if possible.  That should be forthcoming.

  Secondly, I rolled over my 100 published posts point.  I was looking for it, hadn't quite reached it and was figuring out what I wanted to do, and then suddenly stepped across the line.  The blog has been in place for nearly 2 years, (7 October, to be exact), and the "Basic Necessities of Painting/Basing Part I" was article 100, so I'm ok with that.  I like where the blog is going and the developments I'm seeing and am excited to see what Year 3 brings us.

  Hope you enjoyed this update.  There's stuff in the pipes coming.  And remember Ruin?  I got him back.  The guy that commissioned him traded off his Khador to my Cryx client, who I bargained with for him, so that model is mine now, but I have to paint Denny3.  It's a good trade.  Expect to see Ruin on the blog again, but with a display base this time.

  That's all for now.  Enjoy your weekend!

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