Monday, June 15, 2015

Cryx Commission: Goreshade3, Daragh Wrathe, Soulhunters

  Picked these guys up some weeks ago from the same guy the Kracken commission was for.  

  Next up, I have Thyron and after him, Ruin.  Then back to Cryx for the Witch Coven.

  I also got in my first Hirst Arts mold, and have gone ballistic with that.  All kinds of things.  I got my hands on the new Croak Raiders, and the base from the 10 Year Hordes Anniversary set.  So lots of sweet stuff coming in, and several new batreps, whenever they come along.

  Anyways, any comments or critique is welcome.  I'm enjoying the Commissions, but want to make sure I'm giving my customers the best I can.  Feel free to harp on issues with these paintjobs.

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