Sunday, May 10, 2015

50pts Morvahna2 (Circle) vs. Grissel1 (Trollbloods)

The Wife is playing more. A bunch of used models showed up at a FLGS, and she picked up several of them, including the LoTF. She hasn't played him yet, but the day she does...

Anyways. Morvahna2 is a purchase my brother got her for Christmas awhile back and we've been held up on playing her for a long time because we simply didn't have anything close to what she needed for a list for her. Now, we're up to 3 warpwolves (one magnetized), 3 units plus Nyss, solos and some lights. She's got most of the basics. I wanted her to try some of the more competitive options for Circle, and looking at Morv's card, my wife wasn't super impressed. In fact, to her, Kaya1 looks like more fun because she can protect her animals as long as possible. Morv2 wants stuff to die. But we tried it.

Max Bloodtrackers w/ UA
Max Skinwalkers w/UA
Stones w/ UA (proxied by Druid)
Gallows Grove x2 (Proxied by a Thrullg and the stone formation)

Jess wants Gallows Groves, but she wants Baobab trees that I'm probably going to sculpt, but I'm backed up on commissions atm, so we'll see when those happen. Also, all of Omaha is out of stock on Stone UAs. I'm going to have to actually order one.

For my list, I'm bringing out a caster I don't play very often. In fact, very rarely. I think I've played Grissel1 twice. She looks super good on the card, but I honestly don't know how to run her. I like reasons to bring Long Riders though.

Max Fenns w/UA
Max Long Riders
Max Burrowers
Min KSB w/UA
Fell Caller
Min Bone Grinders

I won the rolloff, Jess stuck to her side and I deployed. Nothing crazy. Fenns on the right to get Pathfinder in the woods, Long Riders on the left so they don't have to deal with rough terrain and forests. Jess deployed her Bloodtrackers opposite my Long Riders and preyed them, and the Skinwalkers took to the right to deal with Fenns.

All the things run. KSB gets loaded by Grissel, and she puts Hallowed Avenger on the Mauler. Pretty simple stuff. Grissel1 gets Hoof It onto the Long Riders, and they run far away from the Bloodtrackers.

Bloodtrackers run forward, Trees teleport around. Beasts inch up a bit, keeping to cover. Morvahna gets Fog of War out there and puts Carnivore on the Trackers. Maximus runs wide, forcing me to deal with him.

Grissel1 upkeeps Hallowed Avenger. Burrowers come up and move up. They aim as much as they can and shoot down a few Bloodtrackers, and they kill a Stone. Haha. Grissel1 loads the stone, puts Rage from the Mauler onto Horthol, and gets... Hoof It on the long riders I think. She also feats so the Fenns/Burrowers can get multiple attacks and I can hopefull get some damage down with the Long Riders as well.. Horthol Bullrushes the nearest Skinwalker and drives him back into the unit, then gets snakeyes on the Skinwalker UA, and does very little with his second attack. Stupid. Dice even on the UA would have been good. Get him down early and force Morvahna to think seriously about feating. Fenns Mini feat and charge into stuff, but the Skinwalkers weather most of it and pass CMD. Long Riders bull rush, but I only get a few into melee, mainly trying to get the tree on the right but I butcher the damage and everything lives. They run back with Hoof It. Janissa drops the wall in front of Grissel1.

Ghetorix opens the ball and moves up and kills Horthol easily and the fenn nearby. He thens adds his Animus for ornery. Morvahna purifies Hallowed Avenger off the Mauler. The Skinwalkers charge in and kill a few more Fenns, all of this needing rerolls. Suddenly Jess finds out why this caster is so good. Stalker walks in, beserks on a ton of dudes and walks away. The Bloodtrackers go nuts and kill most of the fenns and Burrowers. Between Quickwork, rerolls and healing Morvahna2, she goes to full health and they kill pretty nearly everything. To make matters worse, the Blackclad moves into the flag, sprays the Bone Grinders and kills 3 of the 4, and they fail CMD. Blackclad controls the flag for 1CP.

Grissel pushes to the flag and sprays bloodtrackers. Heroic Ballad goes on the Long Riders for that second attack again. Janissa moves up and puts the wall down, KSB engage some trackers and pops aura. Fell Caller war cries the Long Riders who bull rush into the Skinwalkers. I don't think I can win this game at this point, but I'd like to at least wipe the Skinwalkers out so Morv can't bring them back. However, the one I have issues getting to is the one behind the gallows grove. I do get two attacks on him, but both miss horribly, leaving him alive. I killed all the others, but lost a Long Rider to the retaliatory strike from Ghetorix and Ornery. Mauler charges the blackclad and kills him and a bloodtracker, but has no way to remove the last Tracker within 4.

Ghetorix gets Primal from the Gorax. Maximus berserks into the Riders, damaging two. Ghetorix walks in and kills every single Long Rider with some help from Morvahna2. Jess is looking for a scenario win, but decides she's actually got a decent chance at assassination. The tree teleports forward on the right. The last Skinwalker charges into the Fell Caller but fails to kill him. Morvahna feats back all skinwalkers, the blackclad and 3 Bloodtrackers, leaving her at 1 health after rerolling for Ghetorix. She then arcs Death Knell from the tree on the right into Grissel, and gets a POW15 out of it, killing the stones nearby and such, then puts Primal on the Stalker. Bloodtrackers walk in as much as possible, focusing on killing fennblades and geting Quickwork. There's not a lot left, but they manage to get a few kills, pulling in six health for Morv to help with the Stalker.

Stalker charges in at Morv. He's MAT9 under Primal, PS21 I think. Charge, hits (with reroll maybe) and does damage. I've only got maybe one transfer on Grissel, and she transfers pretty quickly. The next attack puts her into the dirt.

Thoughts on the game:

1. I feated too early. Waaaay too early. I did not get a good return for the feat, at all. Killed maybe two or three extra models and really just botched it. I should have held it a turn.

2. Morv's solid. Super good. I would rather have a list that is able to put damage on her every turn. Something like Grim1/2 that can just make sure he puts a shot into her. Every turn. Keeps the rerolls down, keeps the feat to a minimum. I don't have a way to do that with this list.

3. Single Mauler wasn't bad. Generally had enough fury, I just don't think I used him very well. He didn't get much done, but was outthreatened every game by both heavies. It was difficult to get him involved.

4. Really, the feat I think is what got me. Morv didn't even really need to feat back to win, it was contingency in case the assassination failed. My own feat got me. I really needed it to leg up on the attrition and it just did not, and it was my fault in positioning. I also don't know that Burrowers are that great with Griss. I'd rather have another unit. Maaaaaaaaaayyyybbeee even Kriels, but probably Sons of Bragg.

5. I never got Calamity off. I tried to on Ghet and it missed. RNG8 sucks, and it's just as pivotal a moment as Grim2's mortality.

Great game though, really enjoyed it. Any game with my wife is fun. She actually turned around and played this list last game day, playing warmachine in public for the first time. She played Legion's Vayl1.... She can beat the daylights out of Khador and Trolls because she knows those factions, but she'd never played Legion and that was a rough game for her I think. Probably ended her game career right there lol. I hope not. Anyways, enjoy your mothers day! Hope you enjoyed the batrep. Comments and Critique welcome.

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