Sunday, September 21, 2014

5 Painters I like right now

  If you haven't noticed, there's some impressive artists that exist in our community, some incredible painters and hobbyists that blow us away with the expressions of art they place on the table.  I'd like to start giving a shout out to these guys, and maybe saving you some of the time you spend looking through the miniature forums, and blogs too.  Currently, my focus is Trollbloods.  The fastest way for me to go to your thread is to say Trollbloods anywhere in your title.  I'm somewhat biased...  But I do think some of the best painters currently play Trollbloods.  So, with no further ado, this month's top five.

1)  Right off the bat, the guy that inspired me to start this post, ConqueringWyrm.  I'm slowly beginning to like the Convergence models and playstyle, but I love it when a painter actually captures them in all their detail and recreates the wear and tear of a steel construct working it's way through the terrain of Immoren.  This guy, I think, does it best.

This post is here, and his blog is toadpainting.  There's not really anything of his that I don't like, and his battle damaged Cygnar are incredible.

2) PG_Menelker, or Tyson, won last years Iron Painter challenge at Lock and Load.  Remember the guy painted Axis while everyone else hopped around on one foot?  That's this guy.  His Borka2 is my favorite, by far.

The post is here.

3) Syresyphirin.  You can always tell who the Ret guys are because you can't pronounce any of their dozen syllables.  However, I'm a sucker for desert themes (My trolls narrowly missed being tan like my Cygnar), and this guy blows it out of the water.  Best Imperatus, period.

He's here.

4)  Arizona_Troll, my all time favorite Trollblood painter.  This guy is amazing.  There's three styles of metal that I've seen.  Regular flaked metal paints like we all have, then non-metal metalics, where you paint the reflection.  Then there's ignoring both schools of thought altogether and painting it like a comic book with blacklining, basic shades and etc.  This guy masters it, and I can't say enough about him.  On top of that, he freehands like no one else can.  He gets two pictures from me.

And his thread is here.

5)  Last but not least, Menace.  This guy has 2 winning threads, one we'll cover today, and another we'll catch next time.  This one is his older project with Khador.  He does none of the studio scheme with these guys.  Instead it's a creamy, high contrast, high detail, free-handed style with amazing custom bases.  His Conquest alone is amazing.  You owe it to yourself to browse it.

His Khador thread is here.

  Hope some of these threads end up on your notification list.  Most of these guy's pictures are in my reference folder.  Every time one of these people post, I save images.  If there's anyone like that for you, please drop me a comment and a link.  I'd love to expand this into a monthly post with new artists as much as possible!

  Enjoy your weekend, and what's left of fall!

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  1. I had no idea you had featured me on your blog. How very cool! I'm honored. :-)