Friday, August 22, 2014

The Flagged Impaler finished.

Took me long enough.  Without further ado:

  The more I see these pictures, the less pleased with my camera I am.  I'm having a hard time getting good pictures set up, and part of the problem I think is that my paper is too reflective.  I need to reprint the background, and go muted maybe.  The other problem is that the camera simply has terrible focus.  Sony TX10, folks.  Avoid them.  Unless you're going camping.  Ultimate pocket camera for camping.  Terrible miniatures camera.

  That being said, I really liked how this impaler turned out, and I'm excited to get him on the table asap.  I'll probably go ahead and start making flags for a lot of my other units, and even now, I'm trying to figure out how to put one on Dozer and Smigs.  

  Oh, hey, I just figured it out.  

  Anyways.  I'm happy with this guy.  I'm not sure that it's my best paintjob ever (Janissa has that spot dialed down pretty well, and the Kithkar is right behind her) but I really like the unity his model will bring to the playfield.  I want the archaic lack of technology prevalent in the Trollblood army to be evident in my army, and one major problem with any engagement is communication, and know where anyone is and who they are.  Flags are an obvious solution that Skorne has obviously figured out to some small scale, but I want to fully implement it in the trolls.  Where are the Fenns?  Where is Dozer?  Where's that Mauler?  How far behind me are the Warders?  The major exception to this rule is the Burrowers.  They're easy.  A) Underground.  B) Underfoot.  C) All of B) and fleeing too.  Nobody's worried about them.  As soon as I put them on the table and my opponent said "Man, I hate those guys", they did their job.

  So, rabbit trail aside, the flag was a lot of fun, though daunting to paint.  Once I got started it worked out.  The symbols mean absolutely nothing except the spear, which is the Impaler sign.  Now.  According to me.  Fenns will have their sword, Warders their... poleaxes?  Etc.

 Secondly, we've got Horgle.  Horgle's cool.  I've only played him a handful of times, and right now, I'm having a hard time slotting him into my army builds.  If he had reach, he'd be an auto-include in Madrak2's force.  As it is, he's an auto-include in Madrak1.  2 dudes with Fury to boost attack/damage rolls on feat turn is bonkers.  Otherwise, I've haven't found a place for him yet.  My Grim2 list is evolving, but my playtime in the last month has been limited to one or two games, so I haven't had a lot of time to build on that.

 On the plus side, Grim2, a Fell Caller, Dozer and 2 warders got an ARM27 Gaspy the Heckbringer down to four boxes.  It helped that Grim2 landed Mortality, and that Dozer threw him out of Daragh's aura.  A few more pips on the dice from the other Warders (trip 1s and a 3 on the charge from one of them) and I'd of had it.  Deathjack still ate my caster, but I was happy with how close I got against a camping Cryx caster.  I hate that guy.

 Anyways, Horgle.

  I really like this model, haven't decided if he needs a flag or not.  I went with the staple glowing sword, but went blue instead of everyone's typical orange.  Cool model, fun to paint, looking forward to playing him more.

  Sneak preview, Dozer.  I really like this model.  I like his rules too, he does good work with Grim2.  The trick is keeping a damage buff around to help him out in melee.  If a Slag/Pyre is still in play, Mortality can get Dozer to PS19 and force a little respect for him.  The Stone makes it an even 20.  

  That's all I've got today.  My schedule is still pretty swamped, so I don't know how much playing I'll be getting done in the future 2-3 weeks.  More painting, for sure.  

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