Friday, September 27, 2013


  Check it out!  A new blog that'll likely not be updating in six months.  We can happily add this to the list of HandCannonOnline Iron Agenda blogs that no longer have anything new.  It's almost like they've been forgotten... or worse yet, the Iron Kingdoms lost their hold on the player and they transitioned to Games Workshop products instead.

  For the sake of everyone involved, we're going to imagine option 1.

  This blog, however, will make no promises.  Will I be here in six months?  I certainly hope so.  Alive, eating food, dating my wife.  Will I be posting?  No promises.

  What am I going to talk about?  Well, a lot of things.  Is anyone going to read them?  Probably not.  There'll be that one nice from the forums (You) and that's pretty much it.  It's kind of our own little chatroom where I start all of the conversations until you get tired of it and start your own blog.  Neat, huh?

  Mainly, we're going to focus on Cygnar.  You can see my battlebox pStryker there above, and all of his glorious mold lines.  Neat, aren't they?  Between Vassal, and regular Tabletop Wargaming, there's a good deal of battlereports to be had, and most of them are Kraye, eStryker, or pSturgis, with a dash of pStryker sometimes.

  Also featured is my fledgling Circle army starring pBaldur.  We'll see them out there sometimes.

  Outside of batreps, there's random stuff we'll tackle.  Like how to assemble a decent batrep from say, Vassal, or Vassal basics.  Want to get into the game online?  We'll try to cover that.  Want to get basic painting tips from an off-color Cygnar painter?  We might do that too.  The main goal is batreps, but we'll kinda branch out from there.  All in all, thanks for checking it out, and maybe we'll see you around!


  (Han and Leia's youngest kid, before you ask.)

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